Using & Creating Widgets

Widgets are simple software applications that allow you to customize the sidebar of your website. Most times, they are simply quick links that take your user to other areas of your website, or to other related sites, like your farm's social media outlets. Small Farm Central has created a list of Pre-built Widgets which are easy to add to your template, or you can create your own widget using the Custom Widget tool.

Here are some ideas for Widgets on your website:

  • Show off photos from your photo gallery
  • Link to the "most popular" content on your website
  • Add a "What's New" list of recently updated content
  • Display a farmer's market schedule on each page of your site

Pre-built Widgets

To add a Widget, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Display > Widgets > Add Pre-built

Scroll down the page to explore all the different Widgets you can add to your website. Each Pre-built Widget has different features that you can adjust, but you can always change the name and assign a "weight" to them.

The "weight" setting determines the order that the Widget will be listed on your sidebar. Lower or "lighter" weights will float items to the top of the list, while larger or "heavier" weights will sink items to the bottom. So, if you wanted a certain Widget to show up at the top of the list, you would set a weight of -10. If you wanted a certain widget to show up at the bottom of the list, you would select a weight of 10.

Don't forget to click the Add this widget to the template button after you have made all your adjustments.

Creating a Custom Widget

A custom widget allows you to create your own widget or add a widget from an outside source, like Facebook or Twitter. Read the article Facebook & Twitter Widgets to learn more specifically how to add these types of widgets. You can also type any text you like by using the Rich Text Editor tool.

Custom Widgets also allow you to select which pages your widget will appear on. Use the "Choose narrow-to" link to open a pop-up window listing all of your website pages. Select the pages you would like your widget to appear on and then click the Select pages to show widget button. Code for these pages will show up in the "Narrow to" field.

Click on the Submit Changes button to complete the creation of your Custom Widget and then open your public website to view the Widget in action!

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