Sending Emails to Your Mailing Lists

Email lists are an extremely effective marketing tool for farms, but creating and managing them can be time consuming and cumbersome. That’s why Small Farm Central has integrated a mailing list function right into our websites. Managing email lists and sending batch emails can be done quickly and easily right in the Control Panel.

The Small Farm Central Mailing List tool also makes sure that your emails are not flagged as spam and that your members' email addresses aren't shared with others on your mailing lists as they might be if you just authored from your email program. The Mailing List tool sends each email individually, includes a self-unsubscribe functionality, and follows anti-spam laws.

To use the Mailing List Tool, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Connect > Mailing list > Send mail

Note: If you are using the Member Assembler software along with your website, your email system will default to the Member Assembler mailing system. This system creates mailing lists based on member groupings like pick-up locations and member types instead of User Groups that you create. To switch from Member Assembler mailing to Regular Mailing List mailing, simply click the link on the top of the Send Mail page.

Follow these steps to compose your email:

  1. Fill in a Subject. This will be the text that shows up in your users' inbox.

  2. Write your Content. You will be using the Rich Text Editor tool to compose your emails. Write your content in the white space below the toolbar. Use the tools above to format your content. To learn more about these tools, read the Using the Rich Text Editor article. Here is an example of a composed email:

      Figure 1. Composing an Email for a Mailing List

  3. Share your content. Click the first checkbox to add your content to your Blog or RSS feed.

  4. Send yourself a Test email. This is an important step to make sure that the formatting of your email looks the way you want it when your users open your email. You will also want to check any photos and links to make sure that they are loading and working properly. Click on the Send Test Email & Save Draft button. Then, go look for the email in your inbox.

  5. Choose the User Groups that you want to send this email to. To learn more about User Groups, read the Creating User Groups and Adding Users article.

  6. Save a Draft. Use the Save Draft button to save this email and come back to finish or edit it later. You can find your drafts in the "Mail Archive" under the "Mailing List" menu tab.

  7. To send an email, Schedule a time when you would like it to be sent by putting the date and time (use the following format: '6/23/2012 3:30pm') in the "Schedule sending" field. You can also use the default setting of "now" to send the email right away.

You will receive a conformation email after your email has been sent. If you add your email address to all of your "User Groups" you will receive your email just as your users will, so that you can make sure that it went out on time and in the way that you composed it.


  • Add a "Mailing List Widget" to your site by using a pre-made widget created by Small Farm Central. You can read about Widgets in this article: Using & Creating Widgets and find the find the Mailing List Widget in the Control Panel here: Display > Widgets > Add Pre-built.

  • Learn about how to properly collect email addresses from potential customers, manage your mailing lists, and send out e-newsletters by reading the Successful Email Strategies article.

  • For better email deliverability (ie, emails go to customer's inbox rather than spam), verify your email address with Amazon SES.

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