Installing Google Analytics

Since you spend precious time keeping your farm website fresh, you need to determine how effective your website is in engaging users. Do they visit from bookmarks or email referrals? What are they searching for on search engines when they visit? How long do they stay? What pages do they like the best?

All of these questions can be answered using a web analytics package. The standard for this kind of software these days is Google Analytics, mainly because it is free, but also because it provides lots of detail on your website and it integrates well into other Google services.

You can learn about the features that Google Analytics offers by exploring the Google Analytics website. However, this article will cover the basics of installing Google Analytics to track the traffic of your website.

##Installing Google Analytics on Your Website

For Google Analytics to track data, a small piece of code needs to reside on each page of your website. The process of inserting this code can differ based on how you developed your website and who hosts it. This article will describe the process of installing analytics on a Small Farm Central website.

Signing up

  1. To begin, visit Google Analytics. You can sign in using your existing Google account or create an account with Google if you don't already have one.

  2. After signing in, click the Sign up button on the next page.

  3. Now you will be asked to provide information about your website. Type in your account name or use the default name. Enter your "Website's URL." This is the address that your customers type in their browser to get to your farm website; such as Be sure to agree to the rules and regulations.

  4. The next screen will provide you with the code that you will paste into your SFC Control Panel. Keep this browser window open as we will refer to it in the next process.

Adding the Code

Now we are ready to get the code on your website so Google Analytics can start to recording information.

  1. Log in to your Control Panel and navigate to:

      *Display > Template settings > Script Block*

  2. Paste the code from given to you by Google Analytics into the text box provided and click the Submit button. Note: If there is any code existing in the text box, do not alter it. Simply paste below the existing text and click submit. Now the code will be included on every page view by your visitors.

It's as simple as that. The software will quietly collect statistics about the visitors to your website without disrupting any of the content or features that you have in place. Learn how to read the collected information by reading Google Analytics Get Started Guide and by visiting the Learn section of their website.

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