Creating User Groups & Adding Users

At Small Farm Central, we call the people that you have collected contact information from "Users." This can be anyone from your CSA members to your restaurant clients to someone who signed up for your mailing list. Since mailing lists are made up of the email addresses of Users, we call our mailing lists "User Groups." Some User Groups will be formed automatically. For example, a User Group is created when people sign up for a CSA and select a pickup location. All the Users who choose the same location are now in the same User Group.

Creating A User Group
To create a User Group log in to the Control Panel and follow this path:

   Administrate > Users > Manage Groups

This will take you to the "Manage User Groups" page. See below:

  Figure 1. Manage User Groups Page

To create a group, simply type in a title for the group that you would like to create in the "Group Name" field and press Add group. Here are some examples of User Groups you might want to send emails to:

  -General Mailing List
  -Farmers Market Patrons
  -Wednesday CSA Members 2012
  -Restaurant Clients

Once you have created a group, you can move on to adding members in the next step or you can continue to create more groups. The User Groups you create will form a list which you will be able to choose from when you are ready to send an email. If you have a User Group that you no longer use, but still want to keep those users grouped together, you can click on the Archive button next to that group. (See Figure 1.) This tool will take the group off of the email list, but keeps it stored as a group. You can always "unarchive" a group to bring it back up on the list in the future.

Adding Users Now that you have created some User Groups you will want to add users to them to create your mailing lists. There are several ways to do this:

  Adding a Single User
  Using the Batch User Tool
  Importing User Groups from a Spreadsheet
  Joining an Existing User to a Group

Adding a Single User:

To add a new person to your User Groups, go to:

   Administrate > Users > Add User

See the "Add User" page below:

  Figure 2. Add User Page

Fill out the User's account information (at least their first name, last name and email address) and select the groups in which you would like this user to be included in. To finish, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Underneath this list, there is an option to have an email sent to your user to let them know that they have been added to one of your User Groups. This will also provide them with a password for logging into special sections of your site (for example, a "members only" store). If you are adding to a group simply for the purpose of sending emails, do not check this box as they will be confused by the password.

Using the Batch User Tool:

To add more than one user (and up to twenty) at a time to your User Groups use the "Batch User" tool, here:

   Administrate > Users > Add Batch Users

You will need to type in the name and email address of each user to add them using the Batch User tool. However, you can use the email address in place of the name if you do not know what the user's name is. Once you have inserted all of your users, select the group you would like them to be included in and click the Submit Users button.

Note: If you need to add more detailed information (such as address or phone number) about each user, you will have to add them one at a time. Follow the Adding a Single User steps to learn how.

Importing User Groups from a Spreadsheet:

For larger User Groups, Small Farm Central can import all the addresses at once so you won't need to copy & paste or type out each name and address. If you have an existing mailing list of users that you would like to be added to your groups, send the names and addresses in an Excel Spreadsheet to

Joining an Existing User to a Group:

Once you have added Users into the Control Panel, you can visit their User account to add them to new groups that you create. Navigate to: Administrate > Users > Manage Users and find the User you would like to add to a new group. Click on their ID number to pull up their account information. Scroll down below their contact information and you will see a list of User Groups. The groups that they are already joined to will have check marks next to them. Simply check the box next to the group that you wish to join your User to and click the "Submit" button.

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