Creating a Slideshow or Showcase

A nicely polished way of showing off the great photography and the activities on the farm is to create a Slideshow.

Slideshows are created with photos already in your photo gallery. Simply create groups of pictures to include in your Slideshow by putting a "tag" on them. To use the tag feature, log into the Control Panel and navigate to:

Create Content > Gallery > Manage Photos

Each photo can has a space to type in tags. Tags are simply one word titles that you use to group together similar photos. For example: "Livestock", "Summer2012", and "Produce" are all tags. Each photo can have multiple tags, simply separate each one by a comma. For example, you may want to create a group of photos called "Livestock" with all the pictures of your animals, but you also want to have another group of photos of just "Sheep". A photo of a new lamb will get the tags "Livestock" and "Sheep".

Once you have added tags to your photos, you are ready to create your Slideshow. Navigate to:

Create Content > Gallery > Slideshows

Click the "Create New Slideshow" link in the yellow header to make a new slideshow. Create a title and write a description for your slideshow. Then choose the groups of photos to include by clicking the checkboxes next to your tag titles. When you are finished, click the "save slideshow" button and visit your public site to see the slideshow in action. (You can use the Menu Manager to select where the slideshow will be located in your navigation bar)

Try a Showcase!

Another optional way of showing photos, but also putting more text with them is the showcase. For example, we have had people use the showcase option to show the process of making maple syrup from tree to bottle.

To make a showcase, navigate to:
Create Content > Showcase > Create Showcase

A showcase looks like this:


See it here: Sugaring at Holiday Brook Farm

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