Creating a Mailto Link for Your Email Address

Creating a "mailto" link for your email address is easy to do and it's convenient for those website users who would like to email you directly. When you do this, your email address becomes a clickable link that prompts your users' email provider and often opens up a window for them to compose a new email with your email address added to the "To:" field.

To make a "mailto" link for your mail address, simply follow the instructions for Creating a Hyperlink and make one a simple modification: In the "Link URL" field, type in your email address with the words "mailto:" in front of it. It should look something like the figure below.


Figure 1: Link URL Field

Then, click the "Update" button and your email address will become a link. When you test the link on your website, it will pull up your email provider of choice.

Note: Adding a "mailto" link on your website may make you more likely to receive spam in your inbox. Consider the alternative of having a link that sends your user to your website's "Contact Us" page. This page allows your users to fill out a form that is emailed to you and does not list your email address.

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