Assigning Weight to Items

In the Small Farm Central Control Panel, the Weight setting determines the order that certain items will appear in a list or on a page.

The concept of Weight is as follows: lower or "lighter" weights will float items to the top or front of a list, while larger or "heavier" weights will sink items to the bottom or back of a list. Weight values are between -10 and 10. So a positive 10 (10) is the heaviest weight while and negative 10 (-10) is the lightest weight.

For example, if you wanted an item to show up at the very top of the list or page, you would set a weight of -10. If you wanted an item to show up at the very bottom of the list or page, you would select a weight of 10.

Here is an example of a weighted list with their respective weights in the order that the list would appear:

  Feather (-10)
  Apple (-5)
  Melon (-1)
  Bowling Ball (6)
  Tractor (9)

For another example, the screenshot below shows a list of Menu Items and the weights that they are assigned.

   Figure 1. Weighted Menu Items

Here is how these Menu Items will show up in a list under the Menu Title "The Experience" in the navigation bar of a Small Farm Central website.

   Figure 2. A Weighted Menu Item List on a Small Farm Central Website

Weight is used throughout the Small Farm Central Control Panel to put lists in order. When adjusting the weight of items, it is a good idea to visit your public site after you have saved your adjustment to make sure that your website reflects your changes and your list is in the order that you want it.

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