Assigning User Passwords

Your website users and CSA members do not necessarily need to be assigned a password in order to use your website or access their membership information. Your website users are free to browse any public page on your site and you CSA members can access their membership information with a valid email address that confirms they are the right member associated with their membership account.

However, there are instances when a password will be necessary if you want to give your users and/or members access to private sections of your website or to allow them to speed through the checkout process of your Ecommerce store or access the membership portal quickly. Note: Two such private areas are Private Departments and Private Farmer Defined Pages.

There are a few ways to assign passwords to your users:

  Setting the Default Password
  Reset Group Passwords
  Manually Assign a Password
  Lost Passwords

Setting the Default Password

If you know you want all your users to have passwords from the beginning, you can enable a default password for all new users. This feature creates the same password for all new users. This is designed to make it easy for you to just tell people, "Your password is X." right away. They can always change it later to something personal on their own. Enabling a default password must be done before you add users into the Control Panel. If you enable a default password after users have already been created, the password will only be applied to the new users that are created. However, you can always go back and assign your default password to the old users manually.

To enable the default password, log in to your Control Panel and navigate to:

   Administrate > Users > Set Default Password

Set your password by typing it into the two boxes. Make sure that it is at least 6 characters long. Then click the Set Default Password button.

This is a good feature to set up if you want your new CSA Memberships to have access to a private area as soon as they sign up, since their password can be sent to them immediately in their checkout confirmation email. To do so, navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Configure > Checkout

Add the code: %%newpassword%% to the confirmation email and your default password will be added into the body of the email. This can also be done when manually setting up new Users. Simply click the checkbox to send a confirmation email. The default password you create is automatically included in this email.

Reset Group Passwords

Another way to assign passwords to users is to specifically choose the user groups you wish to give access to your site's private areas and only give passwords to those people. In this case, you will be setting up a Group Password. First, set up the User Group you wish to give private access to. For more information about setting up a User Group, read Creating User Groups & Adding Users. Then log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Administrate > Users > Reset Group Passwords

You will have the option to either choose a single password for all users or have the system randomly generate a password for each user. To create a password, simply enter your password in the two text boxes at the top of the page. Your password should be at least 6 characters long. If you wish to assign individual passwords, simply leave the fields blank, and the system will generate a unique password for each User. Then click the boxes next to the User Group(s) that you have selected to have access to your private page.

If a member already has a password, using the "Reset Group Passwords" tool will change it. However, users can reset their password to anything they want by logging into the user/member portal (Replace "yourfarm" with your Small Farm Central website address) and clicking the "Change Password" link.

Finally, make sure that you check the box to send an email notification to your User Group. Their password information and a login link are formatted into the email already. Customize the password email notification to tell people that they now have access to a new private page or section of your website. Don't forget to click the Reset Password button when you are finished!

The password email notification will also include a link to the login page on your website. That address is: (Replace "yourfarm" with your Small Farm Central site address.)
When your members log in they will see a list of all the private pages that they have access to, so they easily navigate to where they wish to go.

Manually Assigning Passwords

You can also assign passwords to individual members manually. Log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Administrate > Users > Manage Users

Select the User who you would like to assign a password to by clicking on their User ID#. This will take you to the User's Dashboard. Click on the "Password" tab and you will be able to assign them a new password by typing it into the two fields and clicking on the Reset Password button.

The User will not automatically be notified that they have a new password. You must send the User an email to let them know that you have assigned them a password, or changed their existing password.

Lost Passwords

For security purposes User, Member, and Farmer User passwords are not accessible through the Control Panel, or by any other means.

If a User or Member has lost, forgotten, or misplaced their password information, a new password must be set. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Reset the password for your User/Member. Follow the instructions on Manually Assigning a Password to give out a new password. Once a new password is set, your User/Member may change their password to something memorable or personal by logging into the user/member portal (Replace "yourfarm" with your Small Farm Central site address) and clicking the "Change Password" link on that page.

  2. Refer your User/Member directly to the the log in page of your website: (Replace "yourfarm" with your Small Farm Central site address). There they can click on the "Forgot your password?" link and change their password on their own. You can send them a link to this page in an email with brief instructions on following the link to change their password.

If a Farmer User (including the super administrator of your website) has forgotten/lost their password, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Administrate > Account > Farmer Users

The last column of each row includes a link to reset the password of each user. Click the link, reset the password, and send an email to your Farmer User to let them know their new password.

You can also direct your Farmer User to the Control Panel login page: There they can click on the "Reset Password" link and change their password on their own.

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