Adding Farmer Users

A Farmer User is a user of your website which you have given access to your site's Control Panel. Farmer Users can be anyone, but most likely they will be other staff members on your farm. Each Farmer User will receive a copy of emails coming out of the site such as order reports, mailing list sign-ups, or contact form submissions. This feature automatically notifies multiple workers on your farm when actions are taken through the website, so you don't have to.

To create a Farmer User, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

  Administrate > Account > Farmer User

This page will show you a spreadsheet of all your Farmer Users and the settings that you have enabled for them. To add a user, click the link in the yellow header bar and fill out the information fields on the next page.

To give your Farmer Users the ability to add other Farmer Users, you can check of the box next to "Super Administrator". If you would like to give someone access to the Control Panel, but do not want them to receive any site related emails, click the box next to "Disable email notifications to user ". Don't forget to click on the Submit Changes button when you are finished to create your new farmer User.

To edit the options of a Farmer User, you can use the links in the "Actions" column of the spreadsheet. Here you can reset a user password, change email addresses, disable email notifications, assign super administrators, or delete a Farmer User altogether.

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