Using Seasonal Rollover to Retain Members Season to Season

One of the greatest challenges in running a CSA program is retention. It is very hard to grow a business when you have to replace up to half of your previous year's customers each season. To try to help CSA farmers retain more of their customer base, Member Assembler includes a tool called Seasonal Rollover (*Member Assembler > Members > Seasonal Rollover*) where you can set up your new season from a different direction than the usual strategy. Instead of starting a new season with the hope that your current members take the steps to enroll again, you can enroll them all automatically, giving them the capability to unenroll should they so choose. There are definitely pros and cons to this kind of model and it will be up to you to decide if you would like to use it or not. You may want to create a particular share type like "Continuing Member" and you would only roll those members over from year to year.

How Does it Work?

Click here to watch a demonstration: (

After setting up your new season's member types and options, pickups, charges and discounts, and payment schedules making whatever changes to pricing or whatever is needed, you will first choose a "source" season. In most cases, it will be the last season you have administered. But it may be that it is members from a particular season. The tool can be used multiple times from the same or different source seasons and only members who are not already joined to your new season will be available to rollover. Please note it is best to roll all of the members into the new season that you plan to before you have a season open for public signup so that you can use the email tool to send to all members in the new season to notify them.


Next, you will be presented with a list of the pickups and member type options from that source season. For each type option you can choose which type option in the new season you would like them to be joined to. If the member had previously had multiple quantities of a share, they will be assigned the same number. If you have multiple source options matched to the same destination option and a member has more than one of them, they will only be assigned one. You can choose to not roll a particular type option at all, as well.

In matching pickups, you can choose not to include members from certain locations such as if you had worked with a particular business's employees but will not be doing so in the upcoming season.

After you have matched everything up, a list of qualifying members is displayed. Disabled members and members already in the new season are not included. By default, all of the names are checked but you can uncheck any member you do not wish to roll over. Member balances are shown to help your decision process.


Rollover Options

There are three possible additional options that might appear below the list of members. In all cases, you will get to decide how many (if any) days a member will have to unenroll themselves from the new season. You can choose up to 30 days from when they are rolled over. Members will be able to unenroll themselves by visiting their member login page. If they are in the pending window for new rollovers, there will be a link right at the top for them to easily opt out.

The second option, if you are using payment schedules, is to automatically set a rolled over member into scheduled payments with their credit card and choose a downpayment date up to a month from when you roll them over. Be sure not to have a downpayment occur before the deadline for members to unenroll themselves. Only members who have paid via an schedule of payments can get set up for new payments. (See "Paypal" section below for further information if you are using Paypal instead of for credit card payments).

The final option only appears if you have a charge enabled as a credit card processing fee. Any relevant charge/discounts that you have set up for your rollover season will be included in the new invoice each member will get upon completion. Because you may or may not want to include your credit card processing fee, which is removed during a standard checkout process if a member chooses the "invoice-only" or Dwolla checkout method, you have a choice here to remove them or not for each rolled-over invoice.

After you select the members and submit, there is possibly a lot of processing to happen so please be patient. You should see a list, when done of which members were successfully rolled over. Now, it is important to contact those members through the email tool since they will not automatically receive any notification.

PayPal and Payment Rollover

If you use PayPal as a checkout option instead of, any checkout options that applied during the last season will not automatically carry over to your rolled over members. In order to request a specific down payment amount, use the Payment Request tool after you have rolled over the members into the new season. If you do not initiate a Payment Request, members going to the "Make A Payment" link in the Membership Actions or Member Login area will be given the default options of paying 25%, 50%, or 100% of their overall outstanding balance.

Sample Email

Because of the myriad of options in using this tool, you will have to pick and choose which elements to include in your notification, but here are some examples of how to best use the email variables.

Hello %%user-firstname%%, 

This message is to inform you that your subscription to CSA Farm has been automatically 
renewed for the upcoming season. 

Just to remind you what you'll be getting, you are signed up for

This year your pickup is

To cancel your membership, make changes to your subscription share types, or make a 
payment, please log in at:
A link to cancel will be available for X days. To cancel after that or choose a 
different pickup location, please contact us.

If you have paid us on a schedule in the past with your credit card, you are already 
set up to pay for this season on these dates with these amounts:
If you cancel, any upcoming charges will be suspended.

If you pay via PayPal, we will send you a separate payment request.

Thank you for your continued support!

Below is what members see in their login if they log in before the pending period of their rollover membership is over.