Transitioning Between Seasons

As you transition from one CSA season to the next, it is important to remember that while many Member Assembler settings are specific to a season, there are many other settings that are universal and will apply across seasons. You’ll want to review the following settings in Member Assembler as you begin working with a new season.


For farms accepting Dwolla and Paypal for signups, be aware that the settings on the Checkout configuration page will apply to all seasons open for signup. If you accept payments through, you can have a separate Payment Schedule for each season; make sure you set up a new schedule for any new season you create.

Regardless of how you accept payments, the payment confirmation text (set up at - Member Assembler > Configure > Checkout) will be applicable to all signups for all seasons. If you only allow signups for one season at any given time, you can include season specific information here. You just want to make sure you update that information as you transfer to a new season. If you have multiple seasons available for signup at a time, you can add season-specific details to your confirmation email by going to - Member Assembler > Configure > Seasons. By going to the edit screen for each available season, you can add the season specific text in the “Email information” field. This will be added to the main text from the Checkout email configuration. For more info, click here.


When you got to - Member Assembler > Configure > Display Settings, you will see all of the header texts that you have on the steps of your sign-up process. This text is used for all seasons available for signup. It is best to avoid any season-specific text in these headers unless you only allow one season for sign-up at a time. For more info, click here.


Member Assembler will only allow your members to make changes to their membership based on only one season at any time. You control which season can be updated by changing the settings at - Member Assembler > Members > Membership Updates. Go to the “Page Settings” tab and you can change the “Updating Season” there. For more info, click here.


If you allow for scheduled actions like Vacation Holds, Double Boxes and Temporary Pickup Changes, you’ll want to review your settings. Go to- Member Assembler > Holds & Changes > Holds Settings.

First you will want to check the Season setting. This is especially important if you allow Temporary Pickup Changes. Since each season has its own unique pickup locations (even if you are using the same locations each season, Pickup A in Season 2013 isn’t the same as Pickup A in Season 2014 in the database), you need to have the proper season chosen here to ensure scheduled changes align with the proper pickup lists.

Second, if you had previously used the “Last Date” function to prevent members from scheduling holds and changes after a certain date, you’ll want to remove or update that date to something appropriate for your new season.

For more info, click here.


Member Assembler only will send out the automated pickup reminders to one season at a time. If you are still delivering to one season, do not change this setting until that season is over. If you have seasons that overlap, you will only be able to use the automated reminders for one of the seasons (You can set up email reminders for your other season using the “Send Email” tool). For more info, click here.


Status emails are another item that will only connect with one season at a time. If you have the “Check your status” link available on your site as part of the Membership Actions widget, you’ll want to make sure you update this season setting (if a member logs into their account, they should be able to see the details for all seasons they are connected with). Go to - Member Assembler > Members > Status Emails and adjust the “Status Email Season”. For more info, click here.


If you have e-commerce stores that have restricted access based upon member types or season specific user groups (such as pickup locations), you will need to adjust these settings to ensure all of the proper users can access the store(s). Go to - Sell > Manage > Departments and click the “edit” link next to the department. On the edit page, you can make the necessary changes in the Private Access box. For more info, click here.

Depending on the particulars of your CSA, you may need to visit each of these settings at different points in your transition period. We would suggest you check these settings as you are setting up your new season to see what you can change right away and then checking them all again as you close out your previous season to ensure that nothing gets missed.