Setting Email Pick-up Reminders

Member Assembler can automatically send your customers weekly pickup reminders via email so that they don't forget to go get their share. The reminder emails can be customized so you can add in other information, like letting them know of changes or informing them of extras for sale that week in your store. To set up the reminders, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Configure > Pickup Reminders

The Pickup Reminders page will look like this:

   Figure 1. Pickup Reminders Page

Simply click the Enable button next to the locations that you wish send Reminder Emails. Those members that chose that pickup location will receive a Reminder Email at 9pm EST (6pm PST) the night before each pickup. You will receive a confirmation email when each reminder email is sent. Note: If you don't see one of your pickup locations listed on this page, it is because you haven't assigned a day to that pickup. Go back to Member Assembler > Configure > Pickups and edit that pickup to that a day assigned to it.

A standard email has already been composed with the proper formatting to include the member's name, pickup location, pickup date and times, and other important information. Click the Preview button to see the email that will be sent and the Edit button to add or change the email's content. If you want change the information in the Reminder Email only once, us the Override button instead. Editing in "Override" means that the newly composed email will only be sent out once and your original reminder email information will be retained.

If you wish to disable your pickup reminders, click the "Disable All" link above the chart or the Disable button next to each location. Locations with their reminder email disabled will be highlighted in pink. You can also restrict your reminder emails to only certain members with this tool. Just click on the "Restrict" link above the pickup chart, choose the season and then select which Member (Share) Type you would like to receive reminder emails. This is helpful if you are offering sign-up for Membership Types that don't start until later. This way, members won't get pick-up reminders before there share term has begun.

To send pickup reminders to members who are getting their shares on a schedule other than weekly (bi-weekly, monthly) you can use the "Restrict" setting to include these share types only on the weeks when it is appropriate. Leave non-weekly share types un-checked and the return to check them off when you want their reminder to go out. Make sure you adjust the setting before 9pm EST (6pm PST) on the day before the pickup day to ensure that the email is sent. Don't forget to go back and uncheck the boxes or your members will continue to get weekly pickup notifications. If you don't want to use the Pickup Reminder Email tools to send reminders to your non-weekly shares, you can always use the Member Assembler Email tools *(Member Assembler > Members > Send Email)*to manually send them reminders when it's appropriate.

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