Sending Renewal Emails

Sending out an email to remind all your past CSA or farm membership program members of the start of a new Season is a great way to encourage repeat memberships. Small Farm Central makes this easy with our Renewal Email tool, which generates a list of past members who have not yet signed up for your newest Season and composes an email which includes a direct link to your membership sign-up page.

To generate your list and send your Renewal email, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

Member Assembler > Members > Renewals

First, make sure that you are administering your new season. Then from the "Which Past Members" dropdown menu, choose which group you want to compare your new season against. You can choose to compare your current sign-ups against all previous members or just against a specific previous season. Once you have that option chosen, click the Generate Group button to automatically generate a User Group of past members who have not yet signed up for your new Season.

Once the User Group has been created, a link titled "Click Here" will appear in a green box at the top of the page. Follow the link to edit the Renewal email, but make sure not to change or delete the code marked by the percent symbol (%). This code will automatically fill in important content in your email, like the User's name.

If you would like, you have the option to send a test email to yourself and save the current version as a draft so that you can view the email in your inbox, just as your customers would see it. If you choose this option, your draft will be saved in your Mail Archive found in the Control Panel here: Connect > Mailing List > Mail Archive.

The Renewal Page will also show you the percentage of past members who have signed up for your current Season. You can return to this page to check your return rate and to generate another reminder email.

Remember: The User Group that is generated for the Renewal email will not stay relevant for long. If you wish to send another renewal email, you will need to generate another User Group to avoid sending the email to people who have signed up for the new Season since your last Renewal email was sent. You can archive or delete old Renewal User Groups by navigating to: Administrate > Users > Manage Groups.

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