A great way to get easy feedback from your Members is the Ratings tool. Not only will you find out how your shares have been received overall but you can also get a handle on which of your Members are more satisfied than others. Members can submit a rating every week of one to five stars. You can view those ratings in an aggregate based on their Membership (shared Memberships can get a vote from each contact), what shares they are getting, and also their pickup location.


How Do Members Rate Their Share?

There are two ways. First, you can include a link to submit a rating in either your Pickup Reminder emails or in any of your bulk messages. The insert %%box-rating%% when you edit the reminders (at Member Assembler > Configure > Pickup Reminders) or create a message (at Member Assembler > Members > Send Emails) will substitute in an embedded form for people to click right in their email to rate. After clicking, they will get the opportunity to add a comment.


The other way is when your Members enter the Member/User login panel. They can rate a specific box, if you are using the Box Builder tool each delivery, or they can just submit a rating based on that day's date. If they have already sent in a rating within five days, they have to wait to send another one in. This keeps people from skewing the numbers.

How Can You See The Ratings?

Just navigate to Member Assembler > Statistics > Ratings and you will see the ratings grouped by week. You can change the date range to look at, if you like. You can also utilize the various tabs there to see how those ratings break down when cross-referenced based on your current admin season's pickups and member types. Though people do not rate their types individually, you could, for example, see if people with an egg share are overall more or less satisfied than your entire membership.


Also, when viewing a particular Membership, there is a new tab that shows all of the ratings from all contacts currently in that Membership along with their comments.

Lastly, you can export all of the ratings over a particular date range and view the date, member info, rating, and comments, if any.

What Options Do I Have?

You have a few settings you can change under Member Assembler > Configure > Ratings. You can turn off allowing Ratings entirely if you want. You can also choose to have those ratings based on Box Builder specific IDs or by date (the default). You can also customize the title, description and post-submission message say on the Ratings screen.