Prorating your Membership Types for Ongoing Sign-up

Prorated Membership Discount

There's no need to create new subscription types for people joining up mid-season. Just set up some automatic prorated membership discounts so that new mid-season memberships will only pay for what they will receive. Unlike other charges and discounts which appear at the end, the prorated discount will be shown to your members at the start of the sign-up process.

To set your prorated discount, login to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Configure > Charge/Discount

  1. Click to open either the Prorated Discount (Weekly), Prorated Discount (Bi-weekly) or Prorated Discount (Monthly) tab
  2. Write a title like "Prorated Share Discount- Fall" in the title field
  3. Click on the field for "Start Date" to open the calendar. This is not the date that your first proration will occur. Rather, think of this as the beginning of the countdown clock, so for a weekly proration you would make this date one week before your first proration should happen. Then, for your Weekly Prorating, the discount will kick in 7 days after this start date, again after 14 days, etc. If you are doing Monthly Prorating, the discount will kick in on the same day as your start date, but one month later. For Example, a discount with a March 15 start date will be in effect from April 15 forward. (See note below if you want the starts and ends of proration to be at a specific time of day.)
    It's important to think about your start date. Can you accommodate last minute sign ups in your next delivery? Perhaps you need to know how many shares to pack a few days before. This means that you will want to start your prorated pricing earlier and bump those last minute sign-ups to the next week. (See the notes below for an example of this)
  4. Do the same for "End Date" to choose when you want the Discount to end. Be careful you don't prorate your price all the way down to zero! After the "End Date", the discount will no longer be in effect at all.
  5. Using the table below, click which Member Type(s) you want to receive a Prorated Discount and click the "Enable" checkbox(es)
  6. Type in the amount(s) for each Member Type. After one week or month in your chosen time frame, the cost of that Type will go down by that amount. After two weeks or months, it will go down twice that amount, and so on.
  7. Click the Save Charge/Discount button

Your discount has been set! You should see your discount now at the top of the screen under the "Review Current Charges & Discounts" tab. If you need to change anything, click the pencil button to edit. To delete this Discount, click on the trash can button.

Extra Notes about Prorated Discounts:

New Start Dates: It is important to mention your prorated discount and new sign up schedule on your Member Assembler sign-up pages, so that people aren't confused about when their first pick up date is, or what they are going to pay (discounts are applied at checkout, your share prices will remain the same) You can add this by navigating to Member Assembler > Configure > Display Settings

Pickup Lists & Reminder Emails: You will need to keep close track of those people who sign up after you begin your CSA program and receive a prorated discount. You want to make sure that they aren't included on pickup lists or are sent pickup reminder emails before they are set to begin. For example: you have someone sign up during your first delivery week, but they are not getting their first share until the next week. However, the system has still added them to your CSA membership types, so if you run a pickup list for the current week, they will appear on the list. Make sure to use the cut-off date field in the Pickup List tool to exclude them from the list. If you have pickup reminder emails set up, they will also get one of those. You can put these members on hold until the week that they are supposed to get their full share. So that they know not to pick up before their start date.(Member Assembler > Holds & Changes > Create Hold/Change)

Non-midnight times: If you want the proration to work at a different time than when each day changes, you can type in a different time (in 24-hour format, ie 5pm = 17:00) in the text box without using the calendar picker. If you use the calendar picker to quickly jump to a different part of the year, save it without resetting the time, then edit again just using the text box without the calendar. Please note also that your website's time is set to CST, so if you are on EST and you want it to trigger at 5pm your time, you would set it to 4pm CST.

Sample Set-up: Here is an example of a prorated discount configuration: Farmer Jen's weekly CSA starts on Wednesday June 1st and she runs her pickup lists on Monday so she knows what to harvest and pack on Tuesday. Her prorated discount is set to calculate on Mondays so that anyone who signs up by Sunday the week before delivery is still included that week. Anyone who signs up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (and the rest of the week through Sunday) has missed the opportunity to be included in her delivery that week and they will pay a reduced price and start their first pickup on the following week.

Odd Schedules: If you want to set up proration that works on a different schedule besides weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, You can use the Basic Charge/Discount tool to set up a more customized schedule. Simply figure out how much your share will be discounted based on when they join (basically, divide the cost by the number of boxes they will receive.) Set up your discount and then choose the start and end dates. Each discount will end on the same day that the next day begins and your discount should increase as your Season progresses. For help setting up a proration schedule, contact Farmer Support by calling 412-567-3864 or emailing

Read about more discount options in the Charges & Discounts Cookbook

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