Managing Membership Information

Memberships are created when customers sign up for your CSA or other farm membership program. Managing all your memberships can become increasingly complicated due to the amount of information each membership has, the ability for a single memberships to include more than one user, and so on.

The Member Assembler software was built for easily managing your memberships. To start learning about all the great features, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Members

The following sections will go over some of the tools you can use to keep everything running smoothly.

View Members

Click on the "View Members" link and you will be taken to the Membership Manager page. The following features will help you to organize your memberships and search for information.

  • Use the Advanced Filter to search through all your memberships to find the information you need quickly.
  • Use the Basic Search tool to find a specific membership by typing in the name or email address of the user associated with that membership.
  • Click on the Column Titles to organize the spreadsheet based on the order you would like to see your memberships appear.
  • You can also Create New Memberships and export membership information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Clicking on a membership id# or the name of the users within the spreadsheet will take you to that membership's "Dashboard". This is where you can view information make major changes to a membership including:

        ~ Deleting or disabling memberships*
        ~ Editing user information
        ~ Changing a membership's pickup location
        ~ Sending a status email
        ~ Viewing invoices and payments
        ~ Changing a membership's share types         ~ Viewing and editing form responses
        ~ Writing membership notes

Note: Deleting a membership will remove all the information for that membership, including information on all past seasons. It is better to disable memberships that are no longer in use. This way you can keep accurate records of your past seasons.

Member/User Login

The Member/User Login page allows your subscribed members or E-commerce customers to modify their own account information. This is a helpful way to let your Members and Users take some of the administrative work off your hands. You can decide how much information they are allowed to view and change by configuring the settings here: Administrate > Users > Member/User Login or here: Member Assembler > Members > Member/User Login.

Your Members and Users can access their information either by having a secure link sent to their email address, or by entering in a password. To set a default password for the new members that sign up, navigate to Administrate > Users > Set Default Password. Now all the new members and users to your site will automatically be assigned the password you choose. Add this information to your CSA sign-up confirmation email by navigating to Member Assembler > Configure > Checkout. Scroll down to the section where you can edit the email that is sent upon successful completion of checkout. If you would like your shoppers to use the Member/User login to view past orders, add the default password to the checkout confirmation email by navigating to Sell > Configure > Email Settings.

If you have existing Members who would like to access the Member/User login page, they can simply sign in with their email address to request a link to be sent to their email account. Once they follow the link, they will be signed into their Member/User account where they can set their own password.

Membership Updates

The Membership Updates tool allows your subscribed members to update their Membership information by adding or changing their membership share types.

To learn how to enable this feature, read the Allowing Membership Updates article.

Other Membership Management Tools

There are a few more useful tools in the "Members" section that can help you to manage your CSA or farm membership program:

  • Pickup Lists - create and print pickup lists and packing labels to help you stay organized
  • Renewals - send an email to past memberships reminding them to sign up for the next season. Learn more by reading the Sending Renewals article.
  • Mailing List - send emails to your memberships based on pickup location or share type.
  • Status Emails - allow users to request status emails which include their membership information and balance. Learn more by reading the Configuring Status Emails article.

Remember: If you any further questions or need additional assistance, contact our Farmer Support Team by calling: 412-567-3864, send us an email at:, or start a discussion on this support site.

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