Making Member Assembler Coupons

You can create coupon codes that users can enter to receive discounts for your membership program. This may be useful for offering discounts to certain organizations, in an advertising campaign, or any other time when you need special pricing for specific members. For example, you may form a partnership with a local business that gives their employees a 5% discount in your farm membership program. To create Coupons, navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Configure > Coupons

Click on the "Add New Coupon" link in the yellow header and you will be taken to the "Create New Coupon" page. See below:

   Figure 1. Create New Coupon Page

First, create a name for your coupon. This becomes the code that your customers will enter during the checkout process to receive their discount. For example: create the name “BIZPARTNER2014” for the employees of your partner business. You should make your coupon name moderately complex, so it cannot be guessed, but simple enough that it can still be remembered by the customers who received it.

Next, choose the type of discount you are offering. There are two options: percentage or static amount. A percentage discount will take a percentage off of the total at checkout. (For example, 10% off.) A static amount discount is simply a predetermined amount that doesn't change no matter how much the checkout total comes to. (For example, $20 off.)

Once you have made your coupon code name and chosen the type and amount of your discount, you can control how the coupon is used in the Advanced Options settings (see below), or simply create the coupon by clicking the Submit button. Your coupon will then be added to the "Checkout Coupons" page. Here you can edit and delete your coupons or follow the "Add New Coupon" link again to make more.

*Advanced Options

   Figure 2. Advanced Coupon Options

Under the Advanced Options at the bottom of the Create New Coupon screen there are several tools that help you control when and how a coupon is used.

First there is an option to add a start and end date to the coupon. Because coupons are not season specific by default, if you forget to delete a coupon at the end of a season, it could be possible for someone to reuse that coupon during a future signup. By adding a start and end date to a coupon, you ensure that the coupon is only used during the period that you want it to be.

If you want a coupon to be season specific or linked to the purchase of a specific share type, you can do so by choosing from the list of share types listed in the Advanced Options. This list should show all share types across seasons. If you only click options in the top section of the list, a member will only need to be associated with one of the share types to get the coupon. If you want to require that they be associated with ALL of the share types you select, simply click the "must have ALL required types" option at the bottom of the list.

This allows you to do cross seasonal discounts. For example, if you want to give folks who were in your summer season a discount on the winter season, you would create a coupon when you create your winter season. In the Advanced Options you would check off the Summer Share types. When they get to the checkout for the winter season and enter the coupon code, it will go back to check to make sure the member was part of one of the Summer shares before accepting the coupon.

Once you have configured your coupon, click Submit and it will be added to the "Checkout Coupons" page. Here you can edit and delete your coupons or follow the "Add New Coupon" link again to make more. Once a coupon code is used, a count of how many times it is used will be kept on this page as well. Click on that number to see a list of all members who used the coupon.

Give out your coupon codes to your customers, include them on your website, or add them to your advertising campaigns and the discounts you set will be taken off their totals during checkout when they sign up for your CSA program.

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