Generating Pickup Lists and Labels

You can use Member Assembler to create pickup lists and box labels for your deliveries. Simply choose the information you want to appear and Member Assembler formats them in way that they can be printed out. To create pickups lists and labels, log into the Control Panel and navigate to:

Member Assembler > Members > Pickup Lists

The Pickup Lists page looks like this:



The top pull down menu that says “View/Print” allows you to choose to create pickup lists, two different size box labels or a report of just aggregate totals by pickup location.

Pickup Locations/Member Types

Using the next two boxes, choose which member types and what pickup locations you want on the pickup lists. It will default to having all options selected for these. If you don’t want all options selected but want to select multiple options for either of these, use the following trick:

For PC - hold down the CTRL key and click on the options you want selected.
For Mac - hold down the COMMAND key and click on the options you want selected.

Exclude Options

The “Exclude Options” is an option that is used sparingly. The main reason to use this option is if you have bi-weekly shares split between a Week A and a Week B option and you want your off-week Members to not appear at all on the pickup list. For instance, you would choose to exclude the “Week B” option when preparing your “Week A” pickup lists and vice versa. Warning: if you exclude a member type, any member with that member type will be excluded from the pickup list, regardless of what other share types they may be connected with. For example, if a member has both a Weekly Veggie Share and a Bi-weekly Fruit Share and you exclude for the Bi-weekly Fruit Share, neither share type will appear on your pickup list.

Hide Options

The “Hide Options” is an option that is used for hiding the output of a particular Member Type Option but will still show the Member on the list. This would be useful for things like a Bi-weekly Egg Share. You would still want to list and count the Member for their weekly vegetable share, but if it was their off-week for eggs, the pickup list will show a blank instead of "Odd Week Eggs" or whatever their Option is titled. You will still get a count of how many people in the pickup belong to a hidden Type Option but it will have the words "(hidden)" next to it in the summaries as a mental double-check for you. You could also use this to hide Options like "No meat share" if you've built your Types in that way to reduce clutter on your list.

Cutoff Date

If you are doing a rolling membership enrollment, you might not want to include some members who may have just signed up in the past day or so. To only include members who signed up before a certain date, add in a cutoff date here. Members' invoices created from that date forward will be excluded from the pickup list.

Date Selection

The next option allows you to either print out pickup lists/labels for just the next pickup or you can enter a date range if you want to print out lists/labels for a number of weeks at a time. Be aware that if you are printing out pickup lists ahead of time, they may change depending on if you are still allowing sign-ups. If you are using vacation holds and other scheduled actions, they will not work with generating pickup lists for weeks in advance as members are only marked as "on vacation" for the time they are on vacation, though a pickup list will list upcoming changes to give you a heads-up. Please see "Vacation Holds and Scheduled Actions" for more details.

Data Fields

Next there is a list of fields that you can have included on your pickup lists and labels. We recommend keeping your lists as simple as possible, as adding additional fields to your lists will impact the size and formatting of the pickup list text.

For labels, the Pickup Location and Primary Member’s Last Name will always print on the first two lines of the labels. Any additional fields will fill the lines below that and will be separated by semi-colons. Some options are not available for labels. For information about printing Member Notes on labels, read "Can I include Member Notes on my pick-up labels?".

E-commerce Orders

If you use E-commerce, you can include your E-commerce orders on your pickup lists. Simply include the date range of orders that you want included. You can also include an aggregate report of all the E-commerce orders made for that pickup by members. Be aware that if you allow both CSA members and non-CSA members to order from your E-commerce department that only the orders connected with CSA members will appear on the pickup lists. If you are doing this, we recommend adding the orders to the pickup lists as well as running an E-commerce report (go to - Sell > Orders&Reports > Create Report) to catch your non-members.

Custom Text

If you have any additional text that you want to include with your pickup lists, such as special directions for a delivery driver or general notice for all members, you can add that information here. It will appear at the top of each pickup report.

Pickup List Label

If you want to save your pickup list/label settings, simply enter a name in this field and when you click the Save Changes and View Lists button, it will create a saved version of your pickup list settings. Note: this only saves the settings you have selected and doesn’t create a saved version of the labels. This way you can reuse those preferred settings week to week.

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