Exporting Membership Data

The Member Assembler software houses all of the information about each of your memberships in one secure and organized place online. Sometimes you will want to pull some or all of this information out of the Control Panel for further processing, offline use, or to create a hard copy backup file. It is easy to get the information you need into an easy to use spreadsheet format by using the Export feature.

Start by logging in to the Control Panel and navigating to:

   Member Assembler > Export

You will be taken to the "Export Data" page. Your Control Panel data is separated into multiple categories:

   - Export by Members Pickup Location
   - Export by Membership Types
   - Export Payments
   - Export Custom Form Responses
   - Export Invoices
   - Export Pickup Locations
   - Export System-Generated Member Notes
   - Export Box Data by Season
   - Export Box Data by Delivery Date

The "Export by Members Pickup Location" and "Export by Membership Types" categories require you to select which data you would like to export and give you the option of adding disabled membership information, member notes, and custom form responses.

The "Export Payments", "Export Custom Form Responses", "Export Invoices", and "Export System-Generated Member Notes" categories require you to choose a range of dates that you want to pull this information from or allows you to export the entire history of each category. Note: System Generated Member Notes are the notes that are found on each membership in the "Notes" tab. These are records of actions taken by the member or by administrators of the Control Panel. This export is for advanced purposes only.

The last two export categories let you pull out data about the boxes that you've created using the "Box Builder" tool. You can choose to export all the boxes in one season, or a range of dates.

Once you have exported the data to spreadsheet software (like Microsoft Excel) you can organize it in a way that helps you to use this information for your specific needs. There will be a lot of data columns included in the exports that you may not need, these can be hidden or deleted and the rows can be sorted to your liking. Please refer to the help documentation of your particular spreadsheet software to learn how you can manipulate your spreadsheet data.

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