Dwolla: A Checkout Payment Option for Member Assembler

Dwolla is a new kind of online payment system that securely works with a customer's bank or credit union account. Paying through Dwolla will save your farm in credit card/eCheck processing fees while giving your customers the convenience to pay online. This article will explain how Dwolla works and provide instructions on how to get it set up.

Note - To see a comparison of all of the Member Assembler Checkout options read the article "Checkout Options Explained".

The Dwolla service works through the ACH network, so instead of using a credit card number, a checking account number and routing bank number is required from your member to complete payment. It is important to note that unlike a credit card payment, there is a delay to when the money is actually transferred. If all is set with a member's payment info, the Dwolla payment should clear to your account 5 days after the sign up has been completed. Because Small Farm Central needs to wrap up that member's sign-up at the time it happens, your admin will appear as if the payment is successful but will then be automatically removed if the payment does not clear 5 days later.

To get started with Dwolla, go to https://www.dwolla.com/register/customers and create a new account.. The next steps will walk you through entering your business information and connecting with your bank account.

Next, in order to accept payment on your site, you need to create an Application. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of your account page. Then choose API Keys from the dropdown menu and you will see a screen like this:

Figure 1. Dwolla Applications Screen_Shot_2017-01-20_at_2.48.13_PM.png

Click the button that says "Create an Application". You should next see a screen like this:

Figure 2. New Dwolla Application dwolla_application1.png

IMPORTANT: Please note that whenever you enter in "your website address" that it must be the website that is hosted at Small Farm Central. Therefore if you have your main site somewhere else and just use Small Farm Central for Member Assembler, you must use your Member Assembler URL. This should be something like http://yourfarm.csasignup.com. Dwolla payment won't work unless you point to that csasignup.com address.

(If you like some help, just call us up with your Dwolla login, password, and PIN information (email is not good for this kind of secure info) and we take care of creating an application for you.)

Enter in the following information:

Application Name: Your Farm Name Member Assembler Payment (substituting your farm name for "Your Farm Name")

OAuth Redirect URL: http://yourfarmurl.com/members/checkout (again substituting your website address for the yourfarmurl.com part)

Next, you'll see a bunch of checkboxes for permissions for the Application. Just click them all and submit the form.

Figure 3. New Dwolla Application, 2nd page dwolla_application2.png

Now you should see your new application there. Click the Edit Features link and look for the Web Hook Notifications. Mark them as "Enabled" and make one change to the fields there:

Transaction Status: http://yourfarmurl.com/scripts/dwolla/dwolla_clearing.php (again substituting your website address for the yourfarmurl.com part)

Now, you may have noticed that when you view your Application there are two pieces of information you didn't enter yourself: Key and Secret which are strings of 50 random characters. These are the keys to connecting your Small Farm Central site to Dwolla. In another browser tab, open up your SFC admin and go to Member Assembler > Configure > Checkout. Click the checkbox to "Accept payments with Dwolla." You should now be able to enter in the Key, Secret, and Destination ID which is the number of your Dwolla account in the format XXX-XXX-XXXX like a phone number. You can find your account number by clicking on the building icon in the top right corner of the Dwolla dashboard. It is next to the gear icon. When you copy and paste the Key and Secret over be careful that you get the whole string of 50 and also there are no spaces before or after the string. Now you should be good to go and your members will see this on your checkout page:

Figure 4. Dwolla Links on Checkout Page dwolla-checkout-closeup.jpg

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