Configuring Status Emails

Your members may request information on their payments, account balance, and other details of their membership from you as your membership season progresses. In order to take the burden of tracking down this information from off your workload, Small Farm Central has created the Status Email feature.

To configure the Status Email feature, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Members > Status Emails

On the status emails page, you will see the "Status Email Address". This is a URL address that you can give out to members to request the a status email for their membership.

Secondly, you will find the "Disable notification each time a member uses 'status email'" setting. By default, these notifications are enabled. If you do not want to be notified, change that setting with the dropdown menu.

Next, you will need to choose which Season your member's information will come from. When you are ready to enable a new Season, it is a good idea to visit the Status Emails page and change the Season to your latest one. Otherwise, your members will not have access to the most current information. Much more information on creating new seasons can be found in the Creating Seasons help file.

The last section of the "status email" screen has space for a customized note which will precede the membership information. This is a good place to include contact information, in case the member has any questions, or a reminder for your members to pay their account balances.

If you do not wish to give your members the option of requesting Status Emails through your website, navigate to:

   Display> Navigation > Menu Manager

Scroll down the page to the "Menu Items Settings" section and look for the page titled: "Your Membership Status". Uncheck the box in the "Enabled" column and this page will no longer appear on your website.

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