Configuring Sign-up Display Settings

While setting up the Member Assembler Membership Sign-up pages, you may notice that the default page titles and descriptions may not fit your membership or CSA program accurately. To change titles or the language used to describe your membership program log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Configure > Display Settings

Each page of the Membership Sign-up process will have a text box for the page title and a text editor for the page description. See below:

Display_Settings___Knepper_Farm_Control_Panel.png Figure 1. Member Assembler Display Settings

For more information on how to use the text editor tool, read the "Using a Rich Text Editor" article in the Getting Started with Web Tools section of the Knowledge Base.

Disabling Sign up

The "display settings" screen is also where you can disable or turn off the public sign-up area of the Member Assembler. Disabling sign-up means that no more customers will be to sign up for membership through your public website, although members can be still added manually through the control panel. Type a note into the text editor if you want a helpful message to be shown to the user explaining why sign-up has been suspended or closed (recommended).

Other Options

Other options on this page allow you to further customize your Membership Sign-up. Here you can choose to turn off the "second choice" option on your Pickups page. If you have an Ecommerce store you can choose to combine your members' membership balance with their store balance.

The last section, entitled "Returning Members," has a few options you can choose to change as well. If you would like to restrict your CSA or membership program to returning members only, check to box that says "Returning Members Only." The Membership Sign-up will recognize the email address of your returning members and allow them to sign up quicker because you already have all their contact information. You can choose to send returning members an email, which requests that they confirm their identity by clicking on a link in the email, for an added level of security during the sign up process.

Don't forget to click Submit Changes when you are done!

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