Where do I enter in a payment or make adjustments to an invoice?

When a customer signs up for a CSA subscription or farm membership program, an invoice is created in the the Member Assembler system. If your member uses an online payment method, their invoice will record this payment automatically. For "invoice only" payments, their invoice will show an outstanding balance.

After sign-up is complete, your members will receive a confirmation email stating that they have signed up for your program and this email will include their balance information. If you offer "invoice only" payment, you will want to make sure you have included "invoice only" instructions that will appear after sign up is complete. (Member Assembler > Configure > Checkout Settings) However, you may still want to send them an invoice (by mail or email) requesting their payment and giving them information about your payment options.

Once an "invoice only" payment has been made, for example: a member sends you a check, you will need to manually enter it into the Small Farm Central accounting system in order for that payment to be reflected on your member's invoice. To do so, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Accounting > Add Payment

Use the search feature to find the membership that you want to attribute the payment to and then click the Choose button next to that membership to create a new payment. Enter the payment information including the date, type, and amount of payment. If you wish to send a confirmation email to your member to let them know that you have processed their payment, check the box next to "Send Confirmation via Email". An email has already been formatted to include all the payment details and their new account balance, however, you may modify this email by using the "Advanced Settings" option.

To view and make adjustments to invoices, navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Accounting > Invoices

Again, use the search feature to find the membership whose invoice you would like to see and then click the View button. On the invoice detail page you can remove line items, add adjustments, and enter in coupon codes. Remember: The changes you make to your invoices are not sent to your members. Be sure to inform your members of changes to their invoice by clicking the "Send status email to all contacts" button on the membership dashboard, or by sending them a new invoice by mail or email.

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