What does "Admin Season" mean?

The Admin Season is the Season that you want to do work in when you are logged into your Control Panel.

Normally, your Admin Season setting should correspond with the CSA session that is currently running on your farm. For example, if it is September and you are running your Fall 2014 CSA session, your Admin Season should be the Season named Fall 2014 or whatever you have chosen to name this session. This way, all of features (pickup reminders, membership updates, etc.) that you have set up for that session will work properly. You can easily check the Admin Season that you are working in by clicking on any of the Member Assembler menu items in the Control Panel. The Season you are currently administrating will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Control Panel.

Only one Season's information may be accessed and edited at a time. After you have created a few Seasons, you may want to go back to make changes to an older Season or to view past information. Alternately, if you have just created a new Season, you will want to configure the sign-up settings or create Membership Types in that Season. In these instances, you will need to temporarily change the Admin Season, so that you can access this other information. (Note: changing the Admin Season does not effect your membership sign-up.)

To change the Admin Settings for your Seasons, navigate to:

Member Assembler > Configure > Seasons

Click “set as admin season” beside the Season you want to view and edit in the Control Panel. You can now view this Season's information and make changes as you like. Don't forget to switch back to your current Season before you log out by navigating back the the Seasons page and setting your current Season as the "admin season." Otherwise, the next time you log in, you may be editing and making changes to the wrong Season. Again, confirm your Admin Season setting by clicking on any of the Member Assembler menu items in the Control Panel and check the upper right-hand corner of the Control Panel.

To learn more about creating a new Season, read: Creating Seasons

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