How do I manually add a new membership?

You may have customers who are unable to sign up for your CSA or farm membership program using your website. They may not have access to a computer, are having technical difficulties, or would rather sign up and pay over the phone. In these cases, you may manually add their membership for them.

There are two ways to do this. The first way to to visit your public website and go through the membership sign up as if you were the new member. If you allow online credit card payment, adding a new membership this way allows you the ability to enter credit card information for the membership and settle the balance right away. This also ensures that the charges and discounts that you created are applied during checkout and don't have to be manually added later.

You can also add a new membership in the Control Panel. However, you will have to send your new member an invoice for their membership or a status email (which will include a link for online payment) if you choose to use this method. This is a good option if your member does not want to give their credit card information over the phone and would rather receive an invoice or if you offer "invoice only" as your only payment option.

To add a membership in the Control Panel, log in and navigate to:

  * Member Assembler > Members > Add Membership*

First, select the pick-up location of this new membership. Next you will enter the information of all the members associated with this membership. Your new membership will require an email address for each of the members associated with the membership. If your new member does not have an email address, you can encourage them to create one or you can use a placeholder email address which will be invalid (essentially a fake address). We suggest using the following formula to create false email addresses for these members: Simply add the full name of the member into the beginning of the fake email address.

Next, choose the membership type. The following page will confirm that your membership has been created and take you to the Membership Dashboard where you can make changes to the membership information. If you have set charges and discounts to be applied during the online checkout process, you will have to manually adjust your member's invoice to reflect the appropriate charges or discounts. These are not automatically applied when you enter a membership into the Control Panel manually. You can view and edit the invoice by opening the "Balance" tab. Once everything has been adjusted, you can also choose to send this member a confirmation email that their membership had been created by clicking the link in the green box at the top of the page. Remember: If you created a false email account for your new member, the confirmation email feature will not work. You may want to send a confirmation letter in the mail.

As mentioned before, when you create a new membership in the Control Panel, you will want to send your member an invoice or a status email to request payment. You can send a status email to members with a valid email address by clicking the "Send Status Email to All Contacts" button on the Membership Dashboard. If you have set up an online payment system, your status email will include a link that your member can follow to make a payment.

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