How do I find out which Memberships have an outstanding balance?

The Member Assembler Statistics Dashboard (found here: Member Assembler > Statistics > Dashboard in the "$$$" tab) will tell you the number of Memberships with an outstanding balance, but to find out specifically which ones still need to complete their payment you must go to the Membership Manager. To do so, log in to the Control Panel and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Members > View Members

Here you will see a list of all your memberships. Click on the title above the "Balance" column to sort your memberships based on their outstanding balance. You can also use the "Advanced Filter" section located at the top of this page to search by balance. The balance search will pull up memberships with an outstanding balance of greater than or equal to the amount that you enter into this field. To search for all outstanding balances, put 0.01 and your results will show all memberships owing you one penny or more.

Another helpful feature is the "Payment Request" tool. Read about how to use this tool in the article: Requesting Payment from Members.

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