Can I include Member Notes on my pick-up labels?

Yes. You are able to print out notes that you add to the Member Notes section of your member's profile. This section is shown below:


However, because labels are restricted by their size, you will be limited to the length of the notes that can be included. Here are some steps on how to create labels and tips to help you add Member Notes to them:

  1. Labels are part of the Pick-up Lists feature, so to set up your labels, navigate to Member Assembler > Members > Pickup Lists.

  2. Change the "View/Print" option to one of the two packing labels options. The labels can be configured to fit with Avery Labels template number 5163 or 5160, or any other brand of labels that are comparable to those sizes.

  3. Use the next options to narrow your labels to the locations, types, and dates that you want to print labels for.

  4. The next section is where you will decide which information to include on your labels. Keep in mind that when you print labels, the pickup location and the primary member's last name are always going to take up the first 2 lines of the label. To get the most space for you Member Notes on the label, do not click any other options besides Member Notes. See below:


    Usually you will want to include more than just the member's last name and pickup location. If you include the pick-up date, this will also take up its own line on the label. Anything else that is allowed to be added to your labels will not get it's own line, but will be consolidated and separated by semi-colons and run the remainder of the label. Depending on what you include on the label, you may only have a little room left for your Member Notes. See below:


  5. It's likely that you will have to do some adjusting when you are first configuring your labels to include Member Notes. To preview the labels, name the pick-up list and click the "Save Changes and View Lists" button at the bottom of the page. If the text of your Member Notes is overlapping the label underneath it, you will need to either remove some of the options on your label or shorten the notes for that member. Here is what it looks like when your Member Notes are too long:


Remember: Member Notes are only saved in the text box that appears in the notes section of your Member's Profile. If you delete notes from the text box in this section the notes will not be saved anywhere else in the system.

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