Can I change my Member Assembler subscription plan to accommodate more or less members?

When you sign up for Member Assembler services from Small Farm Central, you are asked to choose a plan that fits with the size of your CSA or farm membership program. To view a chart of the different subscription plans, visit the Member Assembler Pricing Guide on the Small Farm Central website.

Pricing for the Member Assembler is based on the number of memberships at the busiest time of your CSA. For example, if you have 250 memberships for your summer CSA and 50 in your winter CSA, your total cost for that year will be assessed at 250 members. The count is based on the total number of memberships for all seasons you have available for sign-up. Members joined to multiple seasons are only counted once.

Sometimes it is hard to estimate how many people will sign up for your membership program, especially if you are just starting out, or perhaps you have more people sign up that you anticipated. Small Farm Central makes it easy to adjust your plan at any time in the Control Panel. Simply log in and navigate to:

   Member Assembler > Billing

Select the plan you wish to change to by clicking on the radio button next to it. Then click the Choose Plan & Continue button and you will be taken to a payment page.

To remind you when you have gone over the membership maximum of your Member Assembler subscription plan, you will receive a reminder message in the top right corner of your Control Panel. You have some wiggle room of 10% above your limit. After that, if you do not upgrade to a subscription plan that allows for more members on your own, you will be asked to do so in order to gain access to your Control Panel.

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