Getting Started with Website Tools: Beginner Tips

Here are a few Beginner Tips to help you as you get started building your website.

Editing the “What’s New” section:

The "What's New" section of your website is actually an RSS feed. (Read the article "What is RSS?" for more information.) If undesired items get in to your “What’s New” list during set-up of your site and you want to delete
them, navigate to:

   Control Panel > Administrate > RSS (Whats New)

You will see a list of items in your "What’s New" list with an option to delete the ones you do not need.

The Widget Column:

Widgets are simple software applications. (Read the article: "Using Widgets" for more information). They can be found in either the right or left column on your website. Widgets can be customized and narrowed-down
to certain specific pages. Small Farm Central has created a list of pre-built widgets which can be easily added to your website. Navigate this path to find them:

   Control Panel > Display > Widgets > add prebuilt

Uploading Files:

If you need your customers to download files such as PDFs, Word Documents, or PowerPoint
Presentations, you can upload them to the File Manager. Follow this path:

   Create Content > Upload Files

This is not the place to upload image files. Use the Photo Gallery to upload your images. For more about uploading images read the "Getting Started: Uploading Photos & Creating a Gallery" article.

Changing Your Password:

It is good practice to change your password to something easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. For security purposes, your password should have at least 8 characters with a mixture of letters, numbers, and other characters. To change your SFC password, navigate to:

   Administrate > Account > Reset Password

Click on the "Reset Password" link next to the correct username and you will be taken to the "Reset Password" page.

Giving Other Users Access to the Control Panel:

If you have other users (partners, staff, spouse, etc.) who you would like to have access to the control panel, you may create an account for each user. To create new users, navigate to:

   Administrate > Account > Farmer Users

Each “Farmer User” will receive emails that come through the site like contacts, mailing list sign-ups,
Ecommerce notifications, Member Assembler sign-ups, and etc. If their access is temporary, you may
give them an account and delete it later.

Transferring Your Work to a Live Website:

Feel free to work on your demo site at will. Small Farm Central can transfer that site to a live site whenever you are ready to get started; you will not lose any of your work.

Extra Help:

Small Farm Central can offer additional help in setting up and customizing your website. We even offer custom design services. Add one of our Helping Hand services to your membership subscription.

More questions? Contact our Farmer Support Team by calling: 412-567-3864, send us an email at:, or start a discussion on this support site.

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