#2: Choosing and Customizing Your Template

A lot of time can go into designing the "look" of your farm website. To make this easier, Small Farm Central has designed a number of farm-friendly Templates for you to choose from and you will be able to customize your Template to fit your specific needs.

You can change your Template at any time simply by selecting another template option. No need to worry about your content, it will all be transferred into the new Template so you can easily try new "looks" as you like.

This article will go over the following actions:

  Choosing a Template
  Customizing a Template

Get Started!

Visit the Template page by logging into the Control Panel and navigating to:

   Display > Template Settings > Template Settings

Choosing a Template

In "Template Settings" you will find two tabs: "Current" and "Choose New." Click on the "Choose New" tab and you will see a list of the templates available, like this:

   Figure 1. Change Template Settings in Control Panel

Small Farm Central offers two Template levels with member subscriptions: "Basic" and "Premium." All plans will include the "Basic" templates. The options that are available to you will be displayed in the "Choose New" templates tab. You will see a red or green message with information about your access to Premium Templates. To learn more about plans which include Premium Templates visit our About Premium Templates page on the Small Farm Central website.

The easiest way to go through these templates is to click the Set As: Administrator Test link beside the template you want to view. You will see a message that this test template will be visible for the next 24 hours. This feature is designed for just you to see what your site looks like with a new template while preserving your main site for your visitors.

Once you've decided, to change templates, click the Set As: Current Template link. You can always use the Open Public Site link in the top right hand corner of the Control Panel or click the “Refresh” button on your browser while viewing your public site to see your webpage with the new template.

Remember: Each Template is customizable and we will teach you how to do so in the next step. However, you may want to pick a template to start with and begin adding basic content to the page by reading other articles like: Uploading Photos & Creating a Gallery or Using a Rich Text Editor before you move on.

Customizing a Template

Navigate to the "Template Settings" page on the Control Panel by following this path:

   Display > Template Settings > Template Settings

The template that your website is using will be displayed in the tab labels "Current." Click the Customize link next to the Template to view the tools you can use to modify the look of your webpage.

Each Template has different customization options and you will have to explore the templates to see what can be customized. Some of the things that you may be able to change include:

    -Header Image or Header Text
    -Homepage Content
    -Internal Page Images
    -Background Image or Background Color
    -Logo Images

Most templates have an image at the top of the screen with the farm name written over it, which is called the "Header Image." Here is an example:

   Figure 2. Schooner Farms Website Header Images

We can help you create a Header Image that fits your page and represents your farm. Your Header Image can include text, a photos, and a logo, if you have one.

All templates include the option to edit your website footer to include things like contact info and copyright information. Just navigate to:

   Display > Template Settings > Custom Footer

Enter your footer information and click "Submit."

Want more options? Our in-house designer is able to make additional changes to templates at your request. Just email support@smallfarmcentral.com.

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