Glossary of Member Assembler Terms

Buy-Down CSA (AKA Credit Style or Market Style): Unlike a traditional CSA, in a buy-down CSA model, members purchase a certain amount of credit that is subtracted when they make individual purchases, either online or in person at a market. You can offer buy-down style shares alongside your traditional share types. For more on the buy-down style CSA, read Configuring a Buy-Down or Credit Style CSA.

Control Panel: The Control Panel is where you can make changes to your Small Farm Central website and to your Member Assembler (MA) site. Only you and the Small Farm Central support team can see this site, not your customers or the public. For more on the Control Panel, read #1: Accessing the Control Panel.

Farmer User: You can give farm staff (or anyone you choose) access to the Control Panel by making them farmer users. Farmer users receive copies of the emails you receive from your website or from Member Assembler. For more on farmer users, read Adding Farmer Users.

Membership: "Membership" is sometimes used instead of "member" to describe an account attached to your CSA program through MA, because more than one person can be attached to a single account. (This is not to be confused with User.)

Membership Type: These are the CSA share types that you make available to your CSA members, such as "Veggie Box." Some farmers call them "share types" or "box types." Membership types are season-specific, so a membership type created while you are administering the summer CSA season will only exist for the summer CSA. (This is not to be confused with Type Options.) For more on membership types or type options, read #2 Creating Membership (Share) Types.

Pick-Up: A pick-up is the location where your customers can pick up their CSA boxes and other things they have ordered from your farm. You set the pick-up options, and your customers choose from those. Pick-ups are also season-specific. Even if they are physically the same location, "Main Street" from your spring season is different from the "Main Street" in your summer season. This applies even if you copy the pickups from an old season. For more on pick-ups, read #3: Setting Pickup Locations or Generating Pickup Lists and Labels.

Type Options: These are the options within the membership (share) types (such as "Half Share") that your members will chose from. The type option determines the price of certain member's CSA membership. Even if your Vegetable Share (for example) only comes in one size, you must still create an option for it.

User: This is a contact with an email address. For Member Assembler, users are attached to memberships (but not the other way around, because memberships may have multiple users). Outside of Member Assembler, not all users have a membership; a user might just subscribe to your mailing list. Before you manually add a user, make sure to create a user group first. Note that it is possible for one person to hold two user accounts if he/she used different email addresses for each; the system will not know that they are the same person. ( User is not to be confused with Farmer User.)

User Group: This is how you can organize your users (for example, into mailing lists). Some user groups are automatically created (users in the same eCommerce pickup, for example) in order to make contacting your CSA members easier, but you can also create new user groups, such as a group for your restaurant/wholesale clients. For more on user groups, read Creating User Groups & Adding Users or #6 Creating User Groups & Sending Emails.

Widget: These are applications you can use to customize the sidebar on your website. They are usually links to other pages on your site (such as an eCommerce store) or to another site (like your Facebook page). For more on widgets, read Using & Creating Widgets.