#3: Setting Pickup Locations

Pickup locations identify where your customers will be going to get their CSA share during the season. You must create at least one pick-up location in the Member Assembler, even if one location is all you have.

Get Started!

In the Control Panel navigate to:

Member Assembler > Configure > Pickups

This will take you to the Pickup Manager. This is where you can edit, disable, or delete your Pickup Locations. To begin, click on the “Create New Pickup” link in the row with the yellow background, shown here:

Figure 1. The Pickup Manager with "Create New Pickup" link highlighted.

This will take you to the New Pickup page.

Figure 2. The New Pickup page.

  1. Create a Title this will identify the location for you and your members.

  2. Choose a Day of the Week and fill in the "begin time" and "end time" to let your customers know exactly when they can pickup their share. Remember: It is important to fill out the "day of the week" setting, even if you include the day in the Pickup Location's title. Setting the "day of the week" will ensure that your Pickup Reminder Emails are sent on the right day.

  3. Add a Pickup Description. Put as much information into this area as your customers need to make a decision about their pickup. This information will be added to your website and therefore available to the public. If you would like to include information about your pickup location (i.e. home addresses, contact information) that you don not want displayed on your website, please use the Private Description section. This information will only be available to the members that choose the location as their pickup.
    Note: You will be using the Rich Text Editor toolbar to create your description. For more on using this tool, read Using the Rich Text Editor article.

  4. Click the Save Changes button and you will be taken back to the Pickup Manager. Assign a Weight to your pickup location. The weight setting determines the order that the Membership Types will be listed. To learn more about weight, read the Assigning Weight to Items article. Don't forget to Save Changes!

    The Pickup Manager is also where you can disable your Pickup Locations. Disabling a location will remove it from your website, but keep all the information saved. This is helpful when a Pickup Location fills up and you don't want anyone else to select it as an option.

Congratulations! You have just created your first Pickup Location. Continue this process until you have created all of the Pickup Locations that you would like to offer your customers. These locations will be added to the Membership Sign-Up process on your website. Here is an example of the Pickup Locations options in a Small Farm Central Website:

Pickup_locations.jpg Figure 3. Pickup Locations on a Small Farm Central webpage.

You can view your Pickup Location page on your website by clicking the "Go to live site" link in the top right corner of your Control Panel. This will take you to your Membership Sign-Up Page. Since the Membership Sign-up involves multiple pages linked in succession, you may have to pretend you are going through the sign-up process in order to view your Pickup Locations page.

Disable "Second Choice" option

During the sign-up process, your members will be asked to choose their preferred pickup location as well as a second choice option. You may find this helpful if you have limits on the capacity of particular pickup locations. If you would like to turn off this option, navigate to:

Member Assembler > Configure > Display Settings

Scroll to the bottom of that page and in the "Other Settings" area, click on the box next to "Turn off 'second choice' on pickup page" option and then don't forget to Save Changes!

Member Type Dependencies

If you have certain Member Types that can only be picked up at certain locations (for example, a meat share that can only picked up at locations that have refrigeration or coolers), you can create limits on which pickup locations a member sees if they choose that Member Type. On the Pickup page, click on the "member type dependencies" link above the table of Pickup locations. This brings up a list of each pickup location with all of the Member Types listed below each Pickup Location. If a Member Type is unavailable at a particular location, simply click the box under that Pickup Location. Then when your member chooses the shares that they want, only the appropriate pickup locations will be shown.


• Certain reports only show the Pickup location title and not the day of the week that it is scheduled for. Because of this, you may find it useful to include the day of the week in the Pickup title, especially if you have a location where there are multiple days in a week where pickup is available. For example, "Downtown (Tuesday)" instead of just "Downtown".

• When the season starts, you can come back to the Pickup Manager screen and click on “View” to get a printable list of members in each pickup. This is useful as a pickup list to see who has come and who has not.

• Send your customers automatic weekly Pickup Reminders via email. Navigate to:

Member Assembler > Configure > Pickup Reminders

Simply click the Enable button next to the locations that you wish to receive reminders. You can also disable, preview, and restrict reminder emails with this tool.

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