#1 Welcome to Ecommerce

Welcome to Ecommerce, Small Farms Central's online sales tool

Small Farm Central has developed this service to help you list and sell your goods in an online store, giving your customers a quick and easy way to buy from you directly. Whether you are selling hand-spun yarn to people across the country or grass-fed milk to your neighbors around the bend, Ecommerce makes it quick and easy to connect to your customers.

This article will introduce the steps you will take to set up the Member Assembler to model your CSA or membership program and show you how to get started by accessing the Control Panel.

Are you setting up a "Buy Down" or "Credit style" CSA ordering system?

Here are some of the things you will do to set up the Ecommerce store on your website:

  • Organize your wares by Departments to make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. You can even create private departments for special customers like subscribers to a buying club or members of a CSA who can customize their shares.

  • Add Items to your department and manage your Inventory to reflect what you have available to sell.

  • Enable online Checkout by giving your members a variety of payment options. You can send them on to use PayPal's credit card and other payment services or give them instructions on sending you a check.

  • Offer Pickup options to enable customers to make Farmers Market Pre-orders or Shipping options to send your goods to far-away customers who shop online..

  • Set up various Extra Features like customizable emails, downpayments, terms & conditions, and more!

The initial set up and getting comfortable with the system should not take more than a few hours. However, there are lots of options to tweak as you go, so give yourself some time to explore. If you need help along the way simply contact Farmer Support by sending an email to support@smallfarmcentral.com or by calling 412-567-3864.

Read on to learn how to access the Control Panel, or move on to more Ecommerce “Get Started” articles in the Knowledge Base.

Accessing the Control Panel

Before we can move on to setting up your Member Assembler sign-up process, you must first access the Control Panel for your website. This is the administration area of your site. It holds all the tools you will need to build and customize the site with pages, photos, and content, as well as manage all aspects of your Small Farm Central account. Only you can see the Control Panel. Your customers will not be able to see or access this section of your website.

Access the Control Panel by visiting the SFC website and clicking on the ‘LOGIN’ button on the top right corner of the homepage. This will take you to the following screen which requests your login information:

   Figure 1. The Control Panel Login Screen

Use the username and password which we provided you to log in to your account for the first time. Once logged in, you may change your username and password in the 'Administrate' section.

Can't find your login information? Don't worry! Give us a call us at: 412-567-3864 or send an email to: support@smallfarmcentral.com.

For more information about navigating around the Control Panel read the "Accessing the Control Panel" article in the Getting Started with Website Tools section of the Knowledge Base.

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