How do I control/remove spam comments on my website?

There are a few places on your site where you can allow the public to make comments or send you a message. Because of these features, you are somewhat vulnerable to unwanted comments or spam. Spam is considered any irrelevant or inappropriate messages that are posted to your website or sent to you via email. Often times the spam that shows up in the comments section of your blog or photos includes a link to an outside website, which is put there to get people to leave your website and visit another and/or to increase the search engine ranking of the outside website.

Small Farm Central has taken steps to reduce spam on your site, and we offer settings that you can enable to further control spam.

There are some times when spam is too "smart" for the filtering programs and will appear in your Comments sections despite our best efforts to keep it out. In that case, you will need to hide them on your site. You are always able to hide the comments made on your site, whether they are considered to be spam or simply undesirable. To do so, navigate to:

Administrate > Comments > Comment Admin

Find the unwanted comment and click the Hide button next to it.

If you are you getting a considerable amount of spam on your site and you find that hiding unwanted comments are becoming too time consuming, consider turning off the comments function. This can be done in the "Settings" section here: Administrate > Comments > Settings

Additionally, you can remove the "Contact Us" page from your website by navigating to:

Display > Navigation > Menu Manager

Then simply disable the "Contact Us" page from your website. If you would still like to provide contact information to your website users, create a Farmer Defined Page ( *Create Content > Farmer Defined Pages > New FDP). Here you can add your contact information and a farm email address that people can use to email you directly through their personal email accounts, instead of the Contact Us feature.

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