How do I change my account/payment details for billing from Small Farm Central?

To change the details associated with your Small Farm Central Account, login to the Control Panel and visit the Administrate section. The first two sections are where you can update your Small Farm Central account & billing information.

Under "Account Settings", you can change your farm name & tagline and your public contact settings including address, email, and phone number. On the "Farmer User" page you can add new farmer users to give other staff members or partners access to the Control Panel and to include them on the receipt of important emails. You can also delete old farmer users and change their passwords here. The "Account" section is also where you can cancel your SFC subscription or temporarily disable your website, just visit the "Under Construction" section.

In the "Billing" section, you can make changes to your Small Farm Central subscription on the "Change Plan" page, update your payment & credit card details on the "Recurrent Billing" page, and use the "Payment History" page to view all the payments you have made in the past.

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