Checkout Options Explained

We have a number of checkout options available for both our Member Assembler and E-commerce tools depending on your farm's particular needs. Below are details on each of these options.

Your checkout options:


No money changes hands online in an invoice-only transaction; you are not hooking up with a credit card processor in this case. This is preferable in cases where the customer has pre-paid for the items (ie CSA), you want to bill by mail (restaurants perhaps), or you simply don't want 3% of your profits going to credit card processing. You can create reports and bill these customers however you like later. When an invoice-only order is completed, an email will be generated to you and the buyer with order details. is the most widely-used payment gateway provider on the Internet. Your customers will be able to pay for their purchases with whatever credit cards you are set up to process. In order to use, you will have to set up a merchant account and also make your website securely encrypted. Small Farm Central will help you through this setup. Click here for a price comparison between and PayPal.

In addition, can be set up to include eCheck functionality which is a way for customers to pay with a check online. These transactions result in lower transaction rates of around 0.75%.


PayPal is a widely accepted credit card processor and payment system. If you are using this option, you need to create a PayPal account and integrate it into your site. Using PayPal, customers will be able to pay either with their own PayPal account or with credit cards. Click here for a price comparison between Authorizenet and PayPal.

Invoice-only or Authorizenet

Give the customer a choice between Invoice-only checkout and

Invoice-only or PayPal

Give the customer a choice between Invoice-only and PayPal checkout

Dwolla (Member Assembler only, not available for E-commerce checkout)

Dwolla is a online payment option that works similar to an e-check. Customers must enter their checking account information and the payments take five days to clear. The fees with Dwolla are .5% per transaction up to $5 (which will be seen on any payments greater than $1,000).

Read more about Dwolla

Warning! Mixing Checkout Settings for E-Commerce

With our E-commerce tools, checkout settings are set “per department” so you may have different checkout settings for different departments (in Member Assembler, you can only have one checkout setup for all CSA signups). For example, you may want to send wholesale customers to Invoice-only while you want to send your retail customers to PayPal.

This is fine, but once a user has started a shopping cart from a department with a particular checkout setting, they cannot add an item from another department with a different checkout setting. In other words, different checkout settings cannot be mixed in a single shopping cart.

If you are careful to set-up your E-commerce in a sensible way that does not lead a user to want to mix checkout settings, this should not be a problem.