Can the design of a Small Farm Central website be customized?

Yes. Small Farm Central websites can be customized to add your farm's logo, photos, and more!

A lot of time can go into designing the "look" of your farm website. To make this process easier, Small Farm Central has designed a number of farm-friendly templates for you to choose from. You will be able to customize your template to fit your design needs.

Each template has different customization options. Some of the design elements that you may be able to change include:

  • Header Image or HeaderText
  • Homepage Content
  • Internal Page Images
  • Background Image or Background Color
  • Logo Images

With certain Small Farm Central service plans, we can help you create a header image that fits your page and represents your farm. Your custom header image can include text, a photos, and a logo, if you have one. We can also offer additional help in choosing and customizing your template when you add one of our Helping Hand services to your plan.

We have an in-house designer who can help with developing header images and getting your site looking exactly like you want it to! Just contact support.

Visit our Sample Showcase to see how other farmers have customized their websites.

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