Can I use Small Farm Central's services if I already have a website?

You may already have a website for your farm, but are thinking about switching to Small Farm Central to take advantage of some or all of our web development services. There are many ways that Small Farm Central can work with your existing website. You can:

  • Use your existing website and add on Small Farm Central's Member Assembler or E-commerce services
  • Switch to Small Farm Central completely for your website hosting and domain name registration
  • Keep your existing domain name and use Small Farm Central to redo a new version of your website

To learn about how to keep your existing web address while switching over to a Small Farm Central website, read the article: Using Your Existing Domain Name with Small Farm Central's Website Hosting.

If you are happy with your current website, but would like to use Small Farm Central's Member Assembler or E-commerce services, we can create a subdomain for you to link to your website. This means that your users will be directed to our host server to use these services. We can customize your subdomain to have the same look and style as your website so that the transition between the two sites is seamless.

If you want to revamp your website completely, you can cancel your current site hosting and domain name and start over with a Small Farm Central site. We will create a new domain name for you. You can start creating your Small Farm Central website by using our free trial. That way, your new website will be ready to "go live" before you take down your existing site, therefore reducing the amount of "down time".

To view the websites that other Small Farm Central clients have created, visit the Sample Showcase on the Small Farm Central website. Feel free to explore them to see how other farmers are using the services that Small Farm Central offers.

Remember: If you have any additional questions about any of the above processes, please contact our Farmer Support Team by calling: 412-567-3864, or send us an email at:

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