Using Loyalty Checkin Passcodes at the Market

Checkin passcodes allow your customers to checkin at the market and save you from doing any data entry.

It makes it easy for customers to sign up as FarmFans, get checkins, and get rewards for being great customers!

Here is how it works:

1. Choose a Passcode

The passcode is the word that customers will use to check in at market. You can choose the passcode ahead of time manually or, if you do not choose one, we will generate a passcode. Either way, we will text your passcode to two hours before the market starts.

Here is what that text message looks like:

2. Get the passcode to customers

Once the passcode is generated, you need to get the passcode to your customers. You don't want to post the passcode on social media because you want to make sure people are actually coming down to the market to buy.

So you might write the passcode on a white board, simply tell it to people as they purchase, have them stop at a market info booth to get it, or use one of our signs from the promotional package, like this one:

Passcodes are valid starting two hours before the market starts and then they are turned off two hours after the market ends, to give you some flexibility. If a customer uses the passcode out of those times, they will get an error message telling that it is invalid.

3. Customers text the passcode in to FarmFan

Once they have the passcode, they will text it to your FarmFan phone number (if you are already a FarmFan customer, click here to check your number). This is same number that the update messages comes to, so they can simply respond to the message they got earlier that morning.

If the customer is not already a FarmFan, they will be automatically joined when they text in the passcode.

There is a small chance of fraud here. Perhaps someone will tell their friend the passcode who did not come to the market. When it happens, this will be a small issue and don't let it worry you too much!

If a customer does not have a cell phone or does not want to join FarmFan, you may optionally allow them to manually check in. That means that you will either need to write down their check in and enter it into FarmFan later or you could log in to FarmFan with your mobile phone browser and enter it at the market. It is up to you whether you want to allow manual check ins.

When the customer checks in, they will get a response text from FarmFan within a few seconds telling them that their check in was a success. That response looks like this:

Each customer can only use each passcode only once.

4. Redemptions of Rewards

When a customer is ready to redeem a reward, it is your choice on how to handle it. They will probably bring over their cell phone to you and show the response message from FarmFan that shows you their currently available rewards.

Once you see the text message, you can fulfill the reward but you will need to tell FarmFan that this customer has redeemed the reward so we can keep track of their new checkin total. You may choose to write down the redemption or log in to FarmFan on your mobile phone browser to record it.

5. Post market text

After the market is over, if you had at least one check in during the market, FarmFan will send you a text message with what happened at market. It looks like this: