How do customers sign up for FarmFan?

As long as you have created your markets, you can start accepting sign ups. Each "market" acts as a distribution list in the system, so customers sign up to receive updates from the markets they are interested in. In some cases, like a retail farm market, you may not have multiple "markets". In that case, create at least one "market" in the system for your farm market and set the time for when you want the notifications to go out. For example, many retail markets set their market time for Friday afternoon to encourage drive-home-from-work sales and weekend sales.

You have many options to get your customers to sign for FarmFan:

Website Widget

If you have a website, it is important to get your website widget installed. This is a little pop-up box that hovers in the bottom right side of the screen. Customers can sign up for FarmFan right from your site, so we can help turn your online visitors into real customers!

First, create a widget and then we'l give you instructions on how to install it.

Landing Page

Your landing page is a specific URL where you can direct your customers to sign up for your FarmFan program. This is especially useful to encourage FarmFan sign ups from social media posts and email blasts. You could even use it for your Facebook Call-to-Action button on your Facebook business page.

Your site has it's own unique link, grab your unique link here.

Social Media Integrations

Optionally, hook your FarmFan updates into Facebook and Twitter and each update that you send out to your FarmFans will also be copied on to your social media platforms. This means that you only have to worry about updating FarmFan on market mornings and let us do the rest of the work for you!

Set up social media links.


Your customers can join FarmFan by texting a unique code to the FarmFan phone number. Once you generate the codes, you can put this information on a sign that you hang at your farmers market or retail farm market. This allows people to join when they are physically at your stand.

Enable text-to-join.

By Checking In

If you are using our loyalty rewards system and allowing FarmFans to check in at the market, when they text in that week's passcode to get their points, they will be automatically joined to FarmFan if they have not joined already.


If you want to keep it simple, you can leave out a sign up booklet (we have some spiral bound notebooks we can send on request) at your the market and have customers write down their information. You will the need to enter that information into the system manually.