Getting Started with FarmFan

Here's what you need to do to get your FarmFan program up and running. When you are logged in, also see the "Get Started" checklist on the left side of your screen that will walk you through some steps.

1. Set up your FanLists. Log in to your FarmFan account and navigate to:

Settings > FanLists

FanLists are markets, CSA pickups, or other segments of your customers so we can deliver the text messages to right customers at exactly the right time.

2. Install website widget

If you have a website, you will definitely want to install the widget. This allows you to turn website visitors into FarmFans and then into real, live customers!

After you install it, the widget is attractive and sits in the bottom right hand corner of your site.

To install, create a widget by navigating to Settings > Widgets. FarmFan will give you some HTML code to put on your website. Once you put this code on your website, your widget is completely installed! You will need to work with your website administrator to make this happen. If you use Small Farm Central for your website hosting, contact support and we will get this installed for you or you can do it yourself by logging in to your website control panel and navigating to Display > Template Settings > Script Block and paste the code there.

If you use Wordpress as a host, check out Installing FarmFan Website Widget on Wordpress

3. Connect to social media

Optionally, connect your FarmFan account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Navigate to:

Settings > Social Links

This will copy your FarmFan updates to your social media feeds so you don't have to remember to update those platforms on market days! It will happen automatically through FarmFan.

4. Send out your FarmFan link by email

If you have an email list of your customers, send them information about FarmFan and get them signed up. We recommend at least two emails about FarmFan over the space of a few weeks to make sure you get the maximum number of people to sign up. We'll be in touch with some sample email copy you can use in the coming days so you don't have to create it from scratch.

There is a "landing page" you can direct your customers to sign up for FarmFan from your email or social media or wherever else makes sense for your situation. Find your unique link by navigating to:

Settings > Landing Page

5. Go to market, drop off your CSA, and more

When it is time to go to market, either schedule your message ahead of a time by logging into the FarmFan control panel (then go to the Messages tab) or wait for the market day and FarmFan will text you two hours before the market with a reminder. You can simply text your update back to that reminder text while you are on the go getting your market stand set up!

Read more about scheduling messages