FarmFan Reward Ideas

With FarmFan, you create your own rewards for your farm. It can be stressful to figure out which rewards are right for your business, but you can change rewards at any time. I recommend picking one reward from each reward type discussed below as a starting point!

It does not have to be all about discounts and money: your best farmers market customers are not shopping with you because you sell the cheapest food! They shop with you because of the quality and the experience of supporting a farmer. Your rewards can be about discounts to some extent, but don’t be afraid to think out of the discount box.

The FarmFan system assigns “checkins” to customers each time they visit by texting in the passcode for that day of the market.

There are four main types of rewards to consider:

Monetary Rewards

There’s a place for monetary rewards in any FarmFan program: for example, accumulate 10 checkins and get $10 off your next order. Remember that many checkins will go unredeemed -- based on wider industry numbers, about one-third of loyalty checkins go unredeemed.

Be careful to not be too generous with your rewards or you can find profits evaporating quickly in a rewards program! It is always easier to increase the rewards rather than decrease them!

If you don’t feel like monetary rewards are right for your farm or your customers, that’s okay! There are other ways to make them feel rewarded.

Swag Rewards

If you have printed bags, shirts, hats, or anything else with your farm logo, a reward program is a perfect place to offer these materials. It’s great to get these items into customer’s hands, but often it is not something that a customer is going to buy directly.

You are not only saying “thank you”; you are turning your customer into a walking advocate for your farm as they walk around town wearing your logo!

For example, accumulate 10 checkins and get a hat with the market logo.

Product-centric Rewards

Especially if you are a vegetable grower, there are times of year when you have a flush of a certain crop such as tomatoes. During that period, a time-limited reward could be a box of canning tomatoes. This kind of reward features a product that you need to sell and is an effective way to move this product to customers who will use it and value it.

If you have a new value-added product like jam that is just coming to market or a particular cut of meat that is lesser-known and that doesn’t normally sell well, a reward is a way to feature and talk about a product.

Rewards don’t need to be always available. Use product-centric rewards to feature an item for a short time.

Experience-based Rewards

The most creative FarmFan rewards programs are experience based. Some examples of experience based rewards:

  • A VIP farm tour and cook-out at the farm at the end of the year for customers who accumulate 15 checkins or more.

  • Backyard garden consultation from farmer for 20 checkins.

  • An equipment-centric tour of the farm for families with young children who accumulate 15 checkins.

Experience based rewards are limited only by your creativity and are an excellent way to make customers feel valued and excited about shopping with you all season for a reward that is not available to anyone else!

To create rewards, log in to your FarmFan account and navigate to:
Settings > Rewards