Offering Farmers' Market Pre-orders

A great way to utilize the Ecommerce software, beyond selling items online, is by offering your customers the ability to place "Farmers Market Pre-orders". This means letting your customers purchase items on your website that you will package and bring to the farmers market for them to come and pick-up. The pre-order process works like this:

  1. List your products and open your store
  2. Send an emails to your customers to let them know when the store is open
  3. Customers visit your website and create their orders
  4. Close the store to leave a few days for processing the orders
  5. Print an order report and use it to pack your orders
  6. Bring prepackaged orders to the market for pickup or have them waiting at your farm

Ecommerce departments have helpful automatic features that cut down on the time you spend taking orders. As purchases are made, confirmation emails are sent to both you and the customer. As items sell, they are automatically removed from the inventory so that no product is oversold. Additionally, you can set a time for the store to close so that you don't have to remember to disable it. When a store is closed, a custom message can be displayed to let your customers know when the next ordering period is.

When you use the Ecommerce system, payment processing is your choice. You can offer customers online payment with an easy-to-use credit card processor, use your own offline invoicing system, or let your customers pay when they come to pick-up their order.

With "Farmers Market Pre-orders", you can go to market knowing you've already made some sales and your customers have the convenience of their orders being packed and ready to go when they come to the market to get them. It even increases customer loyalty by making repeat customers out of your farmers market patrons.

There are many ways to make the Ecommerce software work to increase your sales. To read how, visit the Ecommerce "Getting Started" articles in the Knowledge Base. You can even use it along with your CSA or membership program. Read the "Selling 'Extras' to CSA Members" article in the Member Assembler Tools section of the Knowledge Base to learn more.

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