Making E-commerce Coupons

Coupons are a great way to give your friends and special customers an extra discount on your membership programs or in your E-commerce store. Coupons can be especially useful to give one-time discounts to groups of people like business partners or targets of an advertising campaign. For example, you may want to thank a group of volunteers for working on your farm by giving them a $5 off coupon to use in your store. To create Coupons, navigate to:

   Sell > Configure > Coupons

Click on the "Add New Coupon" link in the yellow header and you will be taken to the "Create New Coupon" page. See below:

   Figure 1. Create New Coupon Page

First, create a code for your coupon. The code is what your customers will enter during the checkout process to receive their discount. For example: create the code “VOLFALL2012” for the people who volunteered for you in the fall. You should make your coupon name moderately complex, so it cannot be guessed, but simple enough that it can still be remembered by the customers who received it.

There are three ways to offer your discount: by percentage, by flat amount, or by offering free shipping. A percentage discount will take a percentage off of the total at checkout. (For example, 10% off.) A flat amount discount is simply a predetermined amount that doesn't change no matter how much the checkout total comes to. (For example, $20 off.) Free shipping means that your customer won't have to pay shipping charges, regardless of what they would amount to. Click the button next to the type of discount format you would like to create this coupon in.

Next, choose the date range in which your coupon will be valid for use by typing in a start and end date (and times, if you wish) into the corresponding text boxes. You can also set a minimum purchase order that would need to be reached in order for the discount to apply. For example: To offer a discount of 10% off orders of $100 or more, set the minimum at 100, or to create a coupon for $10 off any order, set the minimum at 10.

Finally, enter the amount of your discount. If you selected a percentage discount, enter a number between 1 and 100; no need to put the percentage (%) sign. If you chose a flat discount, enter the dollar amount you wish; omitting the dollar ($) sign. A "free shipping" discount does not require you at enter in any amount.

One you have made your coupon code name and chosen the type and amount of your discount, click the Submit Changes button and your coupon will be added to the "Store Coupons" page. Here you can edit and delete your coupons or follow the "Add New Coupon" link again to make more coupons. Give out your coupon codes to the customers who deserve them and the discounts will be taken off their totals during checkout.

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