E-commerce Advanced Checkout Rules (Configuring Customizable CSA Options)

You may want to set up an E-commerce department with specific parameters that your customers will need to meet in order for them to complete their checkout. For example, maybe you want to require a “minimum order” or want people to select a set number of items. The "Advanced Checkout Rules" sections of the “Ecommerce Checkout Settings” page are where you can set these parameters. These setting can come in handy if you are setting up E-commerce to use in your customized or “You Pick” CSA program, which we discuss later in this document. To begin, you will need to login to the Control Panel and navigate to:

Sell > Configure > Checkout

There are two areas where parameters can be set, depending on whether or not you want to set them for all of your departments, or just certain departments. First, click on the Advanced Departmental Checkout Rules link to go over the different settings.

Multiple Rule
By putting a number in this field you are requiring that the total number of items purchased in this department are purchased in multiples of that number. For example, in the screenshot above, all purchases from the X department would have to be made in multiples of 3. In this case you could select a quantity of 3 of one item, 2 of one item and one of another, or even one of six different items. Any combination that equals to 3, 6, 9, or another other multiple of three will satisfy this rule.

Minimum Rule
Use this rule if you want to define a minimum number of items that must be selected or a minimum dollar amount that must be reached before a user is able to checkout. This rule defaults to quantity of items in cart but can be switched to dollars by clicking on the checkbox to enable the “Use Dollars” rule.

Maximum Rule
Alternately if you want to place a cap on how many items a user can select or the total amount a user can spend in a department, you would use the maximum rule. Likewise, this rule defaults to quantity of items in cart but can be switched to dollars by clicking on the checkbox to enable the “Use Dollars” rule.

Use Dollars?
This rule does nothing on its own but is used in conjunction with the Minimum and Maximum rules to switch the variable from number of items to the dollar amount spent. Clicking the checkbox will enable this rule and set the numbers in the Minimum and Maximum sections to dollar amounts.

Overall Checkout Rules

The above settings will create rules that are specific to individual departments. However, many times it will be desirable to allow a user to shop from multiple departments. If you want to set overall rules that restrict the checkout parameters on your overall checkout, you can create these settings by navigating to:

Sell > Configure > Checkout > Advanced Overall Checkout Rules

These rules work the same as the departmental specific rules but look at the user’s overall shopping cart instead of just purchases within a single department. Be careful - make sure that if you are creating “department specific” rules and “overall” rules that they do not contradict each other. For example, if you make a department minimum 8 items but make your overall maximum 7 items, you would create a situation where someone would not be able to checkout of your store since your rules contradict one another.

Using These Rules for a Customizable CSA

Some CSA's allow members the customization of their shares on a weekly basis. These are often called “You Pick” CSA programs. A common scenario is one where a member buys a certain share size and based on that share size they get to choose a certain number of items for that week's selections. For example, a certain membership type may allow a member to choose 8-10 items to week from the dozen or more options the farm is currently offering. In this case, the member has already paid for the items and will simply be choosing what they want to receive each week. To set up this type of CSA, the farmer would create a special department where all of the items listed have a $0 price. Then you would use the minimum and maximum rules to set the parameters for your share type. If you offer multiple type shares, for example a small box that allows for 4-6 items and a large box that allows for 8-10 items, you would need to set up separate departments for each and set the rules per department.

Many other customizable CSA's fall into the category of “Buydown” or “Market-style” CSA's where the member buys a certain amount of credit at the beginning of the season and then makes selections from a store (or, in this case online store) on a weekly basis to determine their box contents. In this case a farmer would use an E-commerce department to allow members to choose items and pay with their allotted credit. In many cases, farmers will not put any limits to how much of their credit a member can spend on a weekly basis. However, if a farm did want to limit to how much credit a member could use per week, they could use these limiting rules with the “Use Dollars” setting to set minimum and maximum amounts that would be allowed to be spent at any one time.

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