Charges & Discounts for E-commerce

With the e-commerce Charges and Discounts tool, you can precisely segregate the cost of items from discrete transaction fees or discounts. Some common uses of this tool are adding sales tax, credit card transaction fees, and store- or department-wide sales over a specific time period. For example, you can include your state’s sales tax on a transaction or offer a 10%-off end of season sale.

Setting up Charges and Discounts is simple. Just login to your SFC Control Panel and navigate to:

Sell > Configure > Charges & Discounts

In the left menu navigation, click “Charges & Discounts” then click “Create New Charge/Discount” at the top of the page. This will take you to the page below:

create_new.png Figure 1. Create New Charge/Discount Page.

Setting up your charge or discount

  1. Label: First, name your discount. The label appears as the line item on your customer’s invoice and the column header in any exports you do. You’ll want it to be recognizable to both you and your customer. For example, “End of season sale” or “Minnesota sales tax”
  2. Type: Next, choose the correct type, ie is this an additional charge (like sales tax or an online transaction fee) or a discount (end of season sale, wholesale, etc)?
  3. Amount Type: Charges and Discounts can be set up either as flat amounts or as a percentage of the invoice subtotal.
  4. Amount: What is the amount of your charge or discount in dollars or by percentage?

Advanced Options

Clicing the blue and orange "Advanced Options" bar will expand an additional section. In many cases, you can leave these options blank. Here is some additional information about these specific options:

  1. Start Date and End Date: The date range over which you'd like your charge or discount to be effective. For instance, you may want to use these fields to set up a sale which has a specific time frame. Charges and discounts always begin at 12:01 am on the start date and end at 11:59 pm on the end date. You cannot specify a particular start or end time. If your charge or discount is always applicable, leave these fields blank.
  2. Departments: If you have a discount or charge that only applies to one or several departments use this selector. For example, you sell food and non-food items in your store and your farm is in a state where only non-food items are taxed. You should set up one department with taxable goods (and apply the charge to this department) and set up another department with untaxed goods.

Note: If a charge or discount is applicable to all departments, leave these fields blank. Unless a department(s) is selected, the charge or discount will default to all departments.

For more information about setting up Departments and adding items to them, check out the help document on the topic

Digging deeper: How does it all work?

Editing Orders

The charge/discount tool only applies charges and/or discounts at the time that the order is originated. If you edit a previously created order, the charges and/or discounts will not automatically adjust. You can, however, manually adjust the charge and/or discount by editing the invoice.

To adjust or remove a charge or discount, go to the View Orders page at Sell > Orders & Reports > View Orders. Click on the order ID of the order you'd like to edit.

order_id.png Figure 2. Order ID selection in order list.

From here, you can edit or remove charges and discounts just like editing or removing items from the invoice:

edit_remove.png Figure 3. Editing and removing charges/discounts.

Charge/Discounts and The Ordering Process

Your charge/discount will appear as a line item in your customer's cart. If you have two separate charge/discounts that apply to an order, they will appear as separate line items. See below:

cart.png Figure 4. Separate line items for separate charge/discounts in the cart.

Email Notifications Your charges and discounts will also appear in your customers' email invoices:

fees.png Figure 5. Email invoice w/ charge/discounts applied.

Tracking Your Charge/Discounts Over Time

You may want to access totals for your charges or discounts over time. To do this, export your E-commerce orders at Sell > Orders & Reports > Export

export.png Figure 6. Exporting your e-commerce orders to access data.

Once your export is comlete and you have opened the .xlsx (Excel spreadsheet) file, the charges and discounts will appear as columns in your spreadsheet:


Figure 7. Charge/discounts data in excel export from SFC site.

Please feel free to be in touch with us at if you have any trouble with your charge/discounts.