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02 Jun, 2015 06:17 PM

We allow our members lots of flexibility in terms of scheduling vacations and picking up on alternate days. I am having a very hard time with your available holds/changes tools.
1) limitation to only allow one pickup per week is a big problem and I need to know that you are working on a solution for this for us for next season. What is the status?
2) We allow people to pick up EARLY (i.e. BEFORE they go on vacation). Your system records the preceding bonus shares, but these do NOT show up on the reports. This created a near disaster for me at a sell out market. This is needs to be fixed ASAP. If you want to look at a specific example, look at member Riley who is on vacation for three weeks in July and is taking double shares for three weeks in June. Her makeup share does NOT print out on the reports.
3) It's annoying that I can't look at the notes information in any of the past vacation/pickup change entries.
Thanks for your help. Let me know what additional information you need to evaluate these concerns.

  1. 1 Posted by Mike on 02 Jun, 2015 07:57 PM

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    Hi Marjorie,

    To answer your questions:

    1. Unfortunately, I don't see a means that we can get this to work within the data model. This is for the instances of someone wanting to say, miss a Wednesday regular pickup but instead pick up on Saturday and then also the following Wednesday, correct? What you would have to do in such circumstances is manually switch the pickups around to cover someone picking up twice in the same week from different locations.

    2. I have been able to replicate the bug you found with Riley. By the way, the same thing happened with Reed. The crack in the code is actually finding a situation where someone is a) creating a vacation hold through admin, b) it is a hold where you are creating a double box as part of the vacation hold action, and c) the double box is scheduled for the day of action. If any of these weren't true, we wouldn't have found the bug. Like, if you had submitted this yesterday or if you had created the double box as an action all to itself. I will work on correcting that bug and I triggered your two double boxes so that they appear on pickup lists now. The issue did not have to do with double boxes being in the past, only that they were scheduled the same day where the trigger program already ran early in the morning.

    3. What sort of information are you looking for from the notes of past vacation holds? I do have on my development roadmap the idea of possibly building a Holds export which would contain those notes.

    I'm sorry about the bug you found but I'm glad you found it so we can fix it.


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  4. 2 Posted by Agriberry on 02 Jun, 2015 08:42 PM

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    Thanks so much for your super quick help with item number 2. But, I just
    want you to double check that all is well with Reed, I scheduled her
    hold/makeup today, but her pickup is not until Saturday, so it's this week,
    but not today. Just in case you need to cast a slightly wider net.....

    For number 3, when I enter a vac hold or change request, there's a text box
    that follows. In that box I try to record what manner I was notified "per
    gmail" or "text msg" and any particulars in case I need to refer back.
    Once the item is in the past that text info is no longer visible, at least
    as far as I can tell.

    Please, please keep looking for a way to address my multi-pickup issue.....
    With pickups running from Tues-Sat. this is something that happens often
    for our members, who frequently want to pick up their share as they head
    out on or back from their vacations. I have 4-5 members per week doning
    this, and it's a bummer to have to manually track these folks when
    everything else works so nicely. I'm really amazed that no one else has
    found this to be an issue.

    Anyway, thanks for fixing the other challenge for us. I'll be sure to
    holler if I find anything else that looks like it needs another look.

    Finally, I use the little quick search box up in the upper right hand
    corner all the time. Is there any way to place it more


  5. 3 Posted by Mike on 03 Jun, 2015 03:33 PM

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    Hi Marjorie,

    With Reed, she would have been triggered tomorrow morning since the action day was Tuesday, June 2. She hadn't been, as of yesterday afternoon, because of that bug so I just set it when I was in the database looking up the details.

    Basically, every morning (like 4am) a script runs and it looks at any scheduled actions from any farm that are supposed to start that day or earlier that are approved and have not started. It used to be that if a farmer created a a new action that day, scheduled for that day, but later than 4am, it wouldn't get started until the next day, but I reprogrammed it so that it would check and activate them right away. What I didn't do is make it so that also worked for the sub-actions of a double box under a vacation hold.

    In general, all of these tools are supposed to work best with advanced notice. But I know that in the real world, farmers get a lot of last-minute requests. Whenever you can, I recommend scheduling actions ahead of the day they are supposed to run.

    I understand what you mean about the past actions. Maybe what I can do, instead of that current warning that just says the action already ran with a block, is also include the details of it somehow. Not editable, but just displayed.

    I'm sorry about the multiple pickups per week issue for you. It really has never come up before but that's beside the point. We would still try to fix it even if it was just your farm having trouble. I have really tried playing around with some scenarios, though, after speaking with Q about your situation last week and the only thing I could figure that could do this is to completely restructure the Scheduled Actions tool so that it has floating start days and end days to whatever you set, but this would cause complete havoc with all of your reporting tools. You'd have to have someone go on hold but just from say Tuesday to Thursday, then change a pickup location to just Thursday through Sunday. You would never be able to depend on the info to get an accurate count. Plus, as I said, it would require a complete reprogramming.

    I am glad you like the search box! I'm afraid it's going to have to stay in the upper right, though.

    Have a good day!

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  8. 4 Posted by Agriberry on 03 Jun, 2015 03:51 PM

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    Again, your thoughtful replies are very much appreciated, and I remain confident that you will have an "ah ha" moment that will save our bacon. I just know it.

    We consistently have member retention rates that exceed 75% per year, and it's not just the great fruit that does it..,,Anne has created a customer service model that means we TRULY treat our members as "friends and family" and we do everything we can to make this work as well for them as possible. And this is one of those items, for sure. I'm counting on you to created some mechanism to enable a second/split site pickup option. I have faith!

    And, pulling the text ft past items will work great!

    Have a great day!
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